July 11, 2013

Let's Go On a Picnic!

I made this scrap quilt last year to use it as our beach/picnic blanket. I can't tell you who designed it because I no longer have the pattern, but it was designed to be made with precuts. I used scraps from my stash instead, meaning I did a lot of cutting before I could sew anything.

I wanted it to fold up small for when we're carrying it around, so I didn't use batting. I sewed the front and back together before quilting, which I rarely do. I always find that, no matter how carefully I pin, the layers shift and I end up with an uneven quilt.

I've used this for a birthday party tablecloth too, and the kids always end up pointing out the different pictures in the fabrics while they're eating, which is fun to listen to. Here are a few of my favourite fabrics.

I love this snail!

This orange center seems to glow.

The back is pieced from men's shirts I had lying around.  The black one was slippery to work with...not sure what it was made of exactly, but it sure won't show grass stains!
I hope you find time for a picnic or a beach day this week!


  1. I love your scrappy picnic quilt. Great back too!

  2. Nice! Perfectly made for what you need. I love it, beauty and function. :)

  3. What a perfect quilt for the beach or a picnic!


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