September 06, 2013

What I Would Say

Compassion International has declared September to be 'Blog Month.' Those of us in Compassion's Blogger Network will be posting weekly to bring attention to this wonderful organization. The goal is to see 3,160 children sponsored this month.

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This week's writing assignment asked, "What do you know now that you wish you could tell your childhood self?"

My answer is, "Trust your voice. Believe in what you have to offer." Of course, like so much advice, I still have trouble doing this even at 36.

I've wanted to be a writer for as long as I can remember. As a little kid I had it all worked out - I'd be a writer and my brother would be my publisher. He didn't follow through on his end of things though, which is why I don't have a book out yet. Thanks Adam!
Actually, I don't have a book out because of fear. For years I spent hours and hours writing, but rarely ever finished anything. Gradually I wrote less and less, until I was doing almost none at all. It took me a long time to realize I was afraid my writing wouldn't be good enough and no one would be interested in what I had to say. I would abandon projects in part because an unfinished piece can't be judged. It can't be a failure.

It can't be a success, either.

I felt stuck, believing God gave me this desire to write but unable to move forward because of my fear, when I hit on the idea of  a blog. Committing to posting a weekly devotion means I have to finish a piece every week because my readers are expecting to see something from me every Monday morning. Sure, I may be imagining that expectation on your part, but it's been working for me so far!

I still struggle with trusting in my writing, but there has been so much positive feedback since I started blogging. I love all the comments from family, friends and even people I've never met who read my blog. I hadn't imagined how fun it would be to make new friends all around the world, even if I don't get to meet you face to face. Thanks to all the encouragement you have given me, I am beginning to feel a little more comfortable. Not that I think I'm a great writer yet, but at least I feel that sometimes my devotions make people think about their lives or their faith.

So, to my younger self and to any of you who wonder about your own contribution in any way, I say "Trust in yourself. You may not be perfect, but start where you are and go from there!"

3, 160 new sponsorships may seem like a lot for one month, but with your help we can do it. Sponsor a child today!


  1. Great topic! I agree, having a blog and setting a schedule for myself gives me major motivation to finish writing something, even if no one cares about the deadline but me. Deadlines are a good thing! And I enjoy your writing - what kind of book would you like to write?

    1. Thanks, Anna! What I'd like to write has changed a lot over the years. Right now I'm thinking maybe a devotional, but I love children's books and fantasy too.


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