October 30, 2013

A Proud Mama and Fabric Mail

 Last Saturday we took Aiden to his first Provincial Cross-Country meet. He was the youngest member of our school's team, having stepped in as an alternate when another runner couldn't make it, so he was a little nervous.

When they lined up at the starting line, he was the smallest runner in the entire race. 'Junior boys,' his age category, extends all the way from Aiden in grade 6 to boys in grade 9, some of whom were literally head and shoulders taller than him.

Can you see the determination in his face as he approached the finish line? He finished an amazing 37th out of 49. Another runner passed him just after this picture was taken, with only about 100m left to go, and Aiden simply put on a burst of speed and took the lead again. The two tangled and tripped over each other just past the finish line, but Aiden took 37th and the other runner 38th. It was a dramatic finish, to say the least! What a great way to end off a great season of running.

I found a box of fabric loveliness in my mail this morning. This is Indigo Patchwork, from Connecting Threads and it is just as beautiful as I hoped it would be.
I have never ordered from Connecting Threads before, but I know I will do so again. It only took 13 days for my order to arrive...and almost nothing gets to Newfoundland that quickly!

I'll be using these 6 fat quarters in a workshop on Novemeber 9th...

along with this swirly white...
and this medium swirly blue, which is one of the prints in Indigo Patchwork...

to make this snowman runner. Sorry the picture is fuzzy. It's what our instructor sent to show what we'll be making. The snowmen are wool applique.

 I really love the swirly print in the Indigo Patchwork line. It's a good thing too, since it's featured in 6 different colours!

I can't decide which is my favourite...I love them all.

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  1. That swirl print is gorgeous! I haven't had any Indigo Patchwork fabric before, so I will add it to my wish list LOL. Aiden did very well too!! :)


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