November 27, 2013

WIP Wednesday - Just Spoolin' Around

This block was so much fun to put together! It was fun planning out which fabrics would look like fun threads and then the block came together so easily. I only had to rip out one seam, and that was because somehow I ended up stitching on two layers of the red fabric, and of course one of them only covered part of the patch so it was really noticeable, otherwise I might have tried to get away with it.
I wish I could sew with these threads! I even remembered to make sure the lines were going horizontally on each spool, like real thread would be.

So, I now have four of Kristy's And Sew On... blocks finished, with only one more left to go for the wall hanging I plan to make. Maybe it's not such a long shot to get it finished before this quarter of the Finish-a-Long ends!
I started out with no plan whatsoever, but after making three blocks I found I had gravitated to a blue and red scheme, with the muslin background. So, I made Just Spoolin' Around with the blue and red again. I guess I stumbled onto a plan without even trying.

The red really stands out in this last block though, so I may have to be a little more bold with the final block's colours, just to balance it all out.

Thanks to everyone who left such nice comments on my Blog Hop with Giveaways post. I ran the numbers through this morning and the winner was number 7, Tina A. Let me just say, starting my day by emailing someone to say she won a prize is a lot of fun too!


  1. I love your spools! and when put with the other sections, this looks fantastic.

  2. Great block, they are all coming together really well.

  3. Love love love your blocks!

  4. Your blocks are looking great! I'm assembling mine and hoping for a finish by month end for an online challenge. Which block are you going to make for your 5th?

  5. Fun blocks! Can't wait to see the finished piece!

  6. What a cute block! Looks great with the other ones you made!

  7. Oh they look great! Lovely fabric choices!

  8. Love how your blocks are turning out! Thanks for sharing and congrats to your winner :) Kathi


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