December 31, 2013

Christmas Crows

Happy New Year to all of you! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. We certainly did here, including some fantastic church programs, a visit from Paul's parents over Christmas and lots of family time.

Can you believe I gave all the gifts I made for Christmas without taking a single picture of any of them? I certainly wasn't thinking ahead to when I could actually post about those creations, was I? However, thanks to the wonders of email, I can finally share the present I made my Mom.
Foundation paper pieced crow pillow |
This fabulous crow was designed by Kristy at Quiet Play and as soon as I saw it I knew I needed to make it for Mom. Actually, I knew I had to make 4 of them.
 Why? Well, Mom and three other women meet for lunch once a month. They all used to work in the same mall years ago and have stayed friends through this monthly lunch. They call themselves 'The Old Crows" and give each other crow-themed gifts. So those three pillows with the red tags are for the other 'Old Crows' and the fourth is for Mom.

Thankfully, the crows went together easily, though Kristy did warn me that the feet are 'fiddly.' No kidding! There are 11 tiny pieces in just one section to make one foot! Crazy, but so worth it. Thanks, Kristy, for another great pattern.

Now I can't wait for Mom's next Crow's Day so she can deliver the other three pillows to their owners.

This is my last finish for the last quarter of the Finish-a-Long for 2013. You can find my list here. There are two projects on the list that are not finished, but I added them to the list fully expecting not to actually finish them, but hoping I could get to them. Oh well, the link-up for the first quarter of the Finish-a-Long for 2014 will open soon. Those projects will be on the list again, and with higher priority this time!

I'll share about the other gifts I made, including my very first dresden plate, as soon as I can arrange to take some pictures.


  1. Oh I am so impressed that you tackled this pattern not just once but four times!! Definitely fiddly but so worth it! They look great! Hope your Mum and her crow friends love them! ;)

  2. It's cool but a bit scary to me :-) I wouldn't like to have one near by but I get the story behind.

  3. Perfectly themed gift. Loved the paper piecing - Congrats :-)

  4. Wow! That's a lot of pieces from some crows feet and the came together wonderfully. Great job. - Kate

  5. Love the crows and what a nice thing to make for your mom and her friends!

  6. the old crows, haha! that sounds so fun! These came out so cute. I'm sure your mom and her friends loved them!

    Thank you so much for sharing at Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  7. I love crows and think your pillows are gorgeous. Might have to practise before trying this pattern.

  8. Well done. The fabrics you selected are perfect. It is a very dignified crow.

  9. Hi Leanne! I love your bird pillows! Kristy's patterns are great and you used this one perfectly for the pillow! Thank you for sharing the cute and lovely story about the ladies! x Teje

  10. Gorgeous pillows! I love the fabrics your picked.


  11. I love these crows, and good for you to make all four, I bet they all loved them.

  12. Loving your crows. What a neat gift. They will be treasured I'm sure.


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