January 08, 2014

Finish-A-Long List for Q1 2014

Here we go...another quarter of the Finish-a-Long means another goal setting list. So, what do I hope to finish between now and the end of March? The obvious place to start is with those two projects that didn't get finished last quarter, both of which I really want to have off my list and in use already!

1. My scrappy log cabin quilt. I have been at the quilting stage for almost a full year now. I did take it out a couple of times since I put it on my Q4 list, but it's still a work in progress. I'd really love to have this one finished and on the spare room bed.
 2. My And Sew On quilt. Kristy at Quiet Play has moved on to another BOM and I'm still not ready to put my top together from the last one. I have finished one more block since I wrote my last list, so that's progress at least. I plan to make the sewing room block and then put the whole thing together to hang on my laundry room wall. I don't have a sewing room and I spend a fair amount of time doing laundry, so a pretty quilt in there will brighten up a never-ending task.
3. Next on my list in this snowman runner I started back in November. I was making great headway with it until I abandoned it to work on the boys' ornaments for Christmas. Now I'd like to get it finished so it will be ready to display next year.
 4. Paul gave me a laptop for Christmas, to fuel my addiction interest in blogging and being part of the blogging community as a whole, so I need to make a bag for that. I have the pieces cut out, the outside stitched together, and I've even made this folded hexagon flower to decorate the front of the bag. This should be a rather quick finish.

5. I have a Happy Birthday banner type quilt designed that I would like to make for celebrating our family's birthdays. Zach's is the first of the year (on February 4th) so I better get moving on this one if I want it ready in time. I plan to write the pattern for it too, so hopefully it will soon join my Portrait of a Snowman block in my Craftsy pattern store.

So that's it. There are other projects I'm working on, like my hexagon quilt and my Sugar Block 2013 quilt, but they aren't near enough to being finished to make the list for this quarter.

Want to link your own list? Head on over to The Littlest Thistle, and join in the fun.

Finish Along 2014


  1. Those projects are going to be so cute! I particularly like the paper-pieced BOM blocks. You must have a lot of patience because they look fabulous! Looking forward to seeing them finished.


  2. Good luck with the list! I'm especially hoping you get to #5, as that's my birthday too :oD

  3. Just want to say Hi, I see you are from Newfoundland, and it caught my attention. We drove to Newfoundland 2-3 years ago from Quebec...Ohh wow! Such a long drive...We enjoyed driving all the way around Newfoundland, we took the ferry in Nova Scotia. We had a nice trip, it was so beautiful, few things we never seen before or heard before; the baked apple, gardens along the roads, the kids selling iceberg ice along the road...It was amazing! Good luck with your list, I am getting ready to join it to.

  4. The And Sew On BOM quilt is on my list too, let's agree to finish them this quarter!

  5. You have some good projects here - love the variety. Your log cabin is really nice! Seeing the little peeks of the quilting going on with it, I'm sure it takes a lot of time. But it sure is going to be wonderful.

  6. These are great projects. That paper piecing will look great in any room.


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