March 08, 2014

2 1/2 Rows!

Slow and steady wins the EPP race, right? I'm sharing yet more pictures of these same flowers, but now they're joined into rows. 2 1/2 rows, to be exact. Only 4 1/2 left to go!

This step is actually going faster than I expected. There are only 4 seams between each flower and connecting pair unit, so I guess that's why. I can usually stitch a couple of seams in the mornings before the arrival of the little ones I look after, and a couple of seams every day adds up. Of course, it helps that I like to pull this out whenever I have a spare couple of minutes, or when I have a cup of tea, or any other chance I get.
It's fun to see each chain grow longer. When I finish stitching, I always hold it up by one end to get a good look at the progress I've made, even if all I had time to do was add one connecting pair!

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I'll be linking up with Hydeeann's In Hand EPP party again this month.


  1. it IS fun to see the chain growing! it give me hope. =) someday i'll get to this point. for now, I'm just endlessly creeping along at making wheels. and that's ok.

  2. Your hexie flowers are gorgeous. I love that deep blue!
    xo jan@sewandsowfarm

  3. I love the look of EPP but have never tried it. I like the blue that you picked for the background.

  4. That's one of the beauties of EPP, you can pick it up even when you only have a minute or two and it all adds up. Looking good!

  5. I love this piece with its beautiful, rich, blue inbetween hexies. Makes the flowers really pop!

  6. This looks amazing with the deep blue surrounding the blocks.

  7. Slow and steady is the only way to go with EPP! Your rows are looking great.

  8. Great progress! The flowers look brilliant with the blue!

  9. I love flowers. I am still a beginner EPPer but one day I will have a little flower garden :-)
    And I am totally with you on holding up the chain to see the progress. I do this even if I've only stitched 2 hexies together :-)
    Oh! And thanks for linking up to Making for Me! E xx


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