April 19, 2014

Hands2Help Progress Check

It's time to link up progress reports for the Charity Quilt Challenge. And I actually have progress to report!


I started with this piece of fabric from my stash. I bought it to use as the backing for my second quilt, which I made before Paul and I got married, for his sister and her new baby. That baby is now 16! So these vehicles have been hanging around a long time!

I didn't have enough of it to make many blocks, so I decided to make it the center panel of the quilt.

Then I pulled blues, greens, yellows, greys and blacks from my stash to coordinate with the bright coloured machines.

I'm making disappearing four-patch blocks to go around that panel. I love how the personality of the block changes with just a little cutting and rearranging of the pieces. This block went from this...

to this! Doesn't this have so much more pizazz?

 So far I have three sides worth of blocks finished, and the four patches made for the other side. I just have to do the cutting and resewing on them. I'm thinking I'll bind it in red, but maybe black would be better. What do you think? And do I need to make blocks that have a little red in them to balance all the red in the center?

I'll be linking up with Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict for the progress check. It'll be fun to see what everyone else it up to.


  1. I love disappearing 4patch blocks. I would use red for the binding. This is a very pretty quilt.

  2. Maybe you should try red on the binding. I really love the look of the disappearing 4 patch

  3. Great job, love the starting fabric. It will be loved.

  4. The disappearing 4 patch blocks are beautiful!

  5. Indeed, the disappearing 4 patch blocks are great! I probably would thry to ad a bit of a red around to make it blend together a bit, but on the other side, black binding also would work great, IMHO.

  6. Great quilt! A red binding would tie it all together nicely.


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