January 09, 2015

A Nova Scotia Christmas

I know we're well past Christmas, but I'm hoping you'll indulge me this one post. I didn't take many pictures and only remembered to ask Mom for some of hers a couple of days ago.

We decided to go to Nova Scotia for Christmas this year, but we didn't tell my parents we were coming. Walking in the door and seeing their total shock was soooooo much fun!

Right away Aiden started planning a football game, so that took place the day after we arrived.
We took our only group shot of the entire family after the game. Mom kept saying she wanted to take another one, hoping to get a better one, but we kept forgetting.

This is me, Paul, my Dad, my Mom, my brother Adam, Adam's fiancee Sandrine, and in front Aiden, Zachary and Nathan
As always, there was lots of good food. Mom and I spent Christmas Eve morning in the kitchen together, working in our pajamas.
This was the first time my brother and I were together for Christmas since 1998, the Christmas before I got married.
Me, Sandrine, Mom and Mom's aunt Renie
Zach was the only one of the boys brave enough to handle a live lobster!
I love this picture of Nathan with my uncle Richard. This is precisely the sort of thing my grandfather (Richard's father) would have been doing with my boys if he were still around.
It wasn't a long trip to Nova Scotia, but it was a great one. It was fun to share Christmas with so many people I don't usually see at that time of year.

On our way back to Newfoundland we visited with my Nanny, and got to see my cousin Jessica's three-week old baby. This is Nanny with all of her great-grandsons.
I have a quilt in the works for little Eli...one that was supposed to be finished before he was born but has finally been started at least!

Our trip back home was a bit of an adventure, taking two days longer than planned and involving a cancelled ferry, car repairs and a mess of snow. It sure felt good to walk in the door of our house after that!


  1. It looks like you had a wonderful time. I'm glad you got to be with your brother again. :)

  2. What joy joy spend Christmas with the family. We flew to Nova Scotia for Christmas 1984 with our kids. We had the live lobster experience, sudden weather changes (aka snow storm), cancelled flight home and memories galore visiting our pastor and his family after they moved there.

  3. I love family-filled Christmases! And your family photo (second to last) is beautiful.

  4. We visited Nova Scotia on our cruise last year, it is a lovely part of the world. What a great surprise for your parents, they must have been thrilled to have you all together for Christmas.

  5. You captured some great moments with your family! Beautiful.


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