November 17, 2015

Flower Box Blocks

I've been working on the blocks for my Flower Box mini quilt. I'm making a 24" wall size, so I need four blocks. I decided to go with a variety of black fabrics for the corners and the flower centers. The flower petals are all made from a pack of batiks my sister-in-law gave me for Christmas last year.

I really like how the bright batiks pop against the white background and the black corners.

Last night I started stitching around the flowers. I had been debating how I would stitch around them for a while. On the cushion I made for Make Modern, I did a machine blanket stitch around the applique shapes, but I wanted something different this time.
On Instagram I have really been admiring the work of @Mrs_Moog. She does a lot of free machine embroidery using black thread and I love the simplicity of it, so that's what I decided to go with for this quilt. So far I have one of the four flowers stitched.
As a bonus, using my free motion foot to stitch around the flowers is much faster than doing a blanket stitch!
I have a light week for babysitting this week since one of the boys is out of town for four days and the second will also be out of town one of those days. Extra stitching time means I hope to be quilting this before the week is out! Here's hoping you have a productive week too :)


  1. You used a free motion foot to edge the applique? That is a great idea! I always struggle with applique warping and pulling when I stitch it down, so I will really try to keep that in mind for my next project. :) Thanks!

  2. That is a wonderful look with the FMQ foot - I'm not sure I'd have enough control to pull it off.


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