October 05, 2016

Just the Basics Mystery Quilt Finish Parade

It's time to celebrate the wonderful finishes of the people who were sewing along with me for the Just the Basics mystery quilt-a-long!
Just the Basics Mystery Quilt-a-Long | DevotedQuilter.blogspot.com

First up, we have Shannon, who blogs at The Fleming's Nine. I love the black text print she used, which has the names of God printed in beautiful script. You can read all about her quilt in her finish post.
Shannon's Just the Basics Quilt | DevotedQuilter.blogspot.com
Next up is Anja, who blogs at Anja Quilts. Isn't it interesting how a busier background changes the look of the whole quilt? I like how it seems to soften the design somehow. You can visit Anja's post from when she finished her top here.
Anja's Just the Basics quilt | DevotedQuilter.blogspot.com

And then we have Kathy, of Both Sides of the Pond. Kathy hasn't quilted hers yet, but the top is gorgeous, don't you think? I love how the yellow boxes are so dominant in Kathy's version. You can see more pictures of her finished top in this post.
Kathy's Just the Basics Quilt | DevotedQuilter.blogspot.com

Did you notice whose finished quilt isn't shared in this finish parade? That's right, it's mine! Why, you ask? Ummm...because it's not finished :( How embarrassing to not have a finish for my own finish parade! I decided to custom quilt mine very heavily, which is taking longer than I expected, plus I've had some neck issues the last few weeks that have been keeping me from quilting as much as I want to. So, all put together, I'm a bit behind, but I hope to have my own finish to share soon.

I so want to thank those who were quilting along with me for my first quilt-a-long. It was so fun to see your progress each month and know I wasn't just talking to myself as I posted each set of instructions!

If you're inspired by these beautiful versions to make your own Just the Basics quilt, it's not too late. The instructions can all be found under the Just the Basics tab at the top of the blog. I'd love to see your version too!


  1. They look great! Congrats on a lovely QAL and to all the finishes!

  2. Thanks for hosting, Leanne. It was fun. Had I known the pattern, I probably wouldn't have made different fabric choices, but that's the fun in the mystery.

  3. Thanks for hosting! I love the different combos of colors. Shows you how much a quilt can change by changing a few colors.

  4. How fun to see the different versions! I hope that your neck starts feeling better soon and it will be fun to see your reveal when you can share it. :)

  5. It is neat seeing these together. Enjoy finishing yours and take care!


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