November 09, 2016

Rainbow Hexie Start

Remember this quilt design from a few weeks ago?

Rainbow Hexies Quilt Design |

Well, I knew as soon as I finished designing it that I would want to make it, but I waited until I had my Sew Together Bag to actually start. With the Sew Together Bag I have enough compartments that I can keep the hexies and stars separate as I work on them both. I'm still mostly working on my Scattered Stars, but I'll baste hexies whenever I'm making a star out of a fabric that will fit my Rainbow Hexies quilt.

And how many hexies do I need? 1 161. I know, crazy, right? But I'm really in no hurry and I enjoy basting the hexies, so for now I'll just keep basting them and setting them aside. To keep track of how many I need of each colour, I have a little cheat sheet in my bag along with my basting supplies.
Hexie totals |
 And how many do I have basted so far? I'll show you, if you promise not to laugh ;)
Rainbow Hexies |
Let's see...I have 1 red, 3 orange, 2 yellow, 2 green, 4 blue, 1 purple and 4 black, for a grand total of 17. So, roughly 1/100th of the total, lol! Good thing I'm not in a hurry!

When was the last time you started a project you knew would take a looooong time, quilting or otherwise?


  1. What a great hexie at at time!

  2. This will be stunning. You and Renee are both doing incredible long term hexie projects right now that are a bit beyond what I feel like I could commit to doing but will so thoroughly enjoy watching as you progress!

  3. At this rate, if you are prepping 17 blocks per day you should have enough by mid winter. No problem.

  4. Leanne, this will be beautiful. That is definitely whole bunch of hexies to baste. I've never made any myself, but I'm gathering once you start making them, it becomes quite addictive :)

  5. You have to start somewhere. :) This will be beautiful.


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