February 08, 2017

Linda's First Quilt

As part of the 'My First Quilt' link party, I'm posting for those readers who don't have blogs so that as many people as possible can participate and share about their first quilts.
My First Quilt link party | DevotedQuilter.blogspot.com

This post is for Linda, who writes:

Technically this is not my first quilt.  I made giant log cabin 35 years ago as part of teaching a quilting course.  The “logs” were about 4 inches thick and there were four giant blocks.  I basted it on my kitchen floor – at 7 months pregnant with our third child.  It took 8 hours.  Then I quilted it on a hoop through the fall and over the winter. We used it every night and wore it out in about 10 years.

And then there with the appliques butterfly quilt that took 9 years to finish because my husband didn’t like me sewing on it all the time.  My kids told me I had to finish that one before I started the next one which happens to be the pictured quilt. 
Linda's First Quilt | DevotedQuilter.blogspot.com

I made this quilt for my son and his wife when they married in 2003.  I bought the fabric in April and finished binding the quilt the evening before the wedding in September.  It was hand quilted by the ladies in the church I worked out of at the time.  It is called “Love on Stormy Seas”.  If you look very carefully there is a heart in a deep green in the bottom left corner of the picture.  I consider it my first quilt because I made it entirely following the pattern – something I very rarely do.  The heart in green came about because the bride’s favourite colour is green.  Apparently I made it too subtle as she still can’t see the heart unless it is pointed out to her.  Just this New Year’s I enlisted my grand daughter’s assistance – only fair since she spilled nail polish on it – to applique coloured hearts onto it.  these covered the stains and marked the years of her mom & dad’s marriage.  Think it’s time I made them a new quilt – and I have one in mind for them.  Maybe for their 20th anniversary?

Linda sent me a second email, which said:

Forgot to mention that I was complimented on my “points”.  Funny thing was I didn’t know this was a difficult pattern.  I thought it was easy and engaging.  I’d been sewing since I was 11 though.  I thought points were supposed to meet properly!

That made me laugh out loud! Sometimes it's great to not realize a pattern is supposed to be difficult so you aren't intimidated by it 😊 

I love your quilt, Linda, and the story that goes along with it. Thank you for sharing it!


  1. That's nice of you to post for readers without a blog.

  2. What a great quilt and a lovely story to it, Linda deserves a big pat on the back :)

  3. This quilt is so beautiful and it was wonderful to read the story behind it.


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