April 07, 2017

The Beginning of the Rainbow

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Paul and I had a very interesting trip to Massachusetts last week to see Casting Crowns. It was my first time ever running through an airport trying to make a connection (we didn't make it) and all I could think as we were running was "I'm glad we've been running at home or we'd never be able to do this!" 😃😃😃

The concert itself was fantastic and I really hope to get to see them again someday. Maybe not when winter/spring weather will be able to interfere so much with our travel plans, though!

The first thing I packed for our trip was my Sew Together Bag full of EPP supplies, of course. I had lots of stars and grey diamonds for my Scattered Stars quilt, but I didn't end up working on that at all. Instead, I basted a bunch of red hexies so I could start sewing together my Hexie Rainbow quilt. Because everyone needs two long term EPP projects on the go at once, right?

This is where I'm heading with this Hexie Rainbow quilt...
Hexie Rainbow quilt | DevotedQuilter.blogspot.com

1661 1" hexies to make a throw size quilt. Whew!

And this is what I have sewn together so far...
Hexie rainbow start | DevotedQuilter.blogspot.com

19 hexies. Haha!

I have more basted, though. All of the red ones are basted for the next round, plus another 114, some in all of the other colours I need. Which still leaves me with almost 1500 left to go, lol!

It's strange, but I definitely prefer working with hexagons rather than diamonds. I don't know what difference the shape makes, since I'm sewing along a straight side with either shape and the diamonds are no more difficult to work with than the hexagons. Weird, I know. I won't be giving up on my Scattered Stars quilt, though, as I really like where it's going, even if I didn't work on it this trip.

If you do EPP, do you have a shape you prefer?

Before I go, did you know that Craftsy is having a class sale this weekend? From April 7th - 9th, Craftsy's top classes are $19.99 or less, so be sure to check them out!*

Whatever you're working on, I hope you have a great weekend!

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  1. Wow, Leanne another mammoth EPP project! You don't like making life easy for yourself do you :) Will enjoy following your progress on this one too.

  2. Wow, Leanne another mammoth EPP project! You don't like making life easy for yourself do you :) Will enjoy following your progress on this one too.

  3. I'm working on a hexie project as well, but I'm not nearly as organized as you! I have no design plan at all; I've been making hexies out of bright scraps and using a low volume white/black print for the background. (So maybe I have a tiny bit of a plan...) I've never tried diamond shapes but I have bought some templates so I see those shapes in my future. I'm afraid to try one because I don't want to get sidetracked from the hexies! LOL Because NO, I don't need two long term EPP projects. :)

  4. That sure is an ambitious projects- good for you! I'm excited to see it come together.

  5. Thank you for the introduction on the Needle and Thread Network. I enjoyed meeting you, hi from Vancouver.

  6. Very pretty! I just started an ambitious EPP hexagon project myself. I really like how much more dynamic these projects look in real fabric than in computer colors. I am looking forward to seeing this grow!


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