March 20, 2019

In Progress This Week

As always, there are a bunch of projects on the go at once around here 😊 One of them is a computer project for now, but it will likely result in a lot of sewing in the future. Sandra, of Musings of a Menopausal Melon, has started her 30 Quilt Designs 2019 challenge and I've jumped right in again. This is the fourth time I've participated in a 30 designs challenge and I'm still working on finishing projects from all three of the previous ones, lol. Here's my first design, which I created specifically to use the collection of colour-coordinated 4 patches I've made over the years as leaders and enders. Funny enough, Scraps Squared was also designed during one of these challenges to use that same collection of 4 patches, which seems to be never ending!
Of course, I realized after I posted it in the challenge FB group that at the size I've designed it, the 4 patch blocks would need to be 4" finished and mine are only 2"! I guess now I need to start making bigger 4 patches as leaders and enders!

On a completely different note, I'm sure you were as heartbroken as I was about the shootings in Christchurch, New Zealand. The amount of hate some people feel just boggles my mind. If you're looking for a way to show love and support for the people affected by the attack, you can make a 6 ½" heart block (or several) to send. All of the instructions and the address for mailing the blocks can be found here.
Hearts for Christchurch |
I mailed my blocks yesterday and when the postmaster noticed that the envelope was going to New Zealand he made a comment about the sadness of the situation there. He is familiar with the concept of mailing quilt blocks for projects like this as he was the one dealing with the sudden surge of mail into our box two years ago, so I explained I was mailing blocks for people to make quilts for the families. He just nodded and said, "So you quilters are just like one big family then." 😊 Doesn't that do your heart good?

I've also been working on my Island Batik March challenge. The challenge this month is Vintage Reimagined, so we're to take a vintage quilt or pattern and make it more modern. I'm combining a blue Irish Chain and bright pinwheel blocks with Island Batik's solid white to make my quilt. All of the blocks are made, so now it's time to cut all of the sashing pieces and get to the assembly.
quilt blocks |
This will also be my contribution for Sarah's Hands 2 Help Comfort Quilt Challenge and it will be going to Victoria Quilts Canada. Are you participating in Hands 2 Help? Sarah has a variety of charities to choose from, so there's likely one that you would be interested in supporting and although the official sign up week is past, more participants are always welcome.

I'm also working on these placemats for my MIL. We won't talk about how these are her gift for Christmas 2018 (shhhh!).
Dresden plate |
I used the Missouri Star Layer Cake Dresden ruler, which I also used for my Dresden Log Cabin quilt back in November. I found I had a little extra fullness this time, so it took a lot of pins to tame the dresden in order to applique it to the background. There's still a bit of waviness, but I think I'll be able to quilt it into submission. When I made the center circle for the mini back in November, I used large basting stitches before pulling the fabric around the template and I found the circle wasn't really smooth. This time I used small basting stitches and the circles are much smoother around the edges.

I've been waiting for some navy Aurifil thread to arrive and it was in my mailbox this morning (along with some friends), so now I can get those center circles appliqued on. The navy thread is 2785, the aqua is 5005 and the cone is a replacement for my 2600 that is almost gone.
Aurifil thread |
That's what's keeping my occupied these days 😊 What are you working on?


  1. Pretty projects, looking forward to seeing the completed version.

  2. Yes, us quilters are definitely one big family. That gave me goosebumps to read, Leanne. I love design challenges and always get excited to see what gets created physically, too. :)

  3. Looks like my house, with all the stuff going on! Lots of happiness here despite such tragedy with yet another terrorist attack. Thanks for that link; will get some sent off asap. Looking forward to seeing the IB quilt!

  4. How lovely that your post master has realised there is a caring worldwide quilting community. Thank you for sharing about the blocks to go to New Zealand. I hadn't heard about that.

  5. I like the sound of Vintage Reimagined Leanne, can't wait to see what you have come up with. Quilting that Dresden plate block into submission sounds like a real workout, hope you gain the upper hand quickly :)
    Thanks for the quilt blocks link up details too.

  6. Love the new design. I haven't had time to sit and create something yet. I cut fabric for my IB project tonight. Hoping to get sewing tomorrow night.

  7. I am participating and hosting with Sarah - so privileged to be doing so. I have to decide which of my quilts are going, but there are a few that are ready or close to for it.

  8. Thanks for your post on IG about the NZ blocks. I made up a few, but all of them looked like they had a "crack" at the top - but I left them that way, because it felt like my heart was a little bit broken for the people there...
    I started a Dresden Plate quilt a year or two ago - maybe 2012? ;-) I used a very lightweight interfacing on the back of the circle, sewed around it, slit the interfacing and turned the circle through the slit. The circles are nice and flat!


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