August 01, 2019

Road Trip Hand Stitching

We've taken a couple of trips so far this summer that involved a lot of driving (really, going anywhere in Newfoundland usually involves a lot of driving), which means that I've been doing some road trip hand stitching.

My Hexie Rainbow quilt is coming along slowly. The next round I need to attach will be a round of black hexies, but I want to add some new black fabrics into the mix. Towards that end, I bought four new black prints while we were away the first time. I was supposed to get them washed and ready for basting before our second trip, but I put it off too long and didn't get it done. There were also some great black fabrics in the second Island Batik box, which arrived recently, so I'll use some of them as well.

Since I couldn't work on the black round, I went ahead and stitched together the strips needed for the first round of the blue that will go on after the black ones. All six strips are now ready to be sewn on once I get the black ones done.
Blue EPP hexies |
Blue epp hexies |
I love pulling the basted hexies out of the container, mixing the light blues and dark blues, while remembering where each fabric came from or what quilt it was used in. Scrap quilts really are the best!

I also love the rocks at this beach. They're full of fascinating holes, ripples, stripes, etc. I should probably have become a geologist because I really wish I understood more about what I'm seeing when I look at different rocks.
Blue EPP hexies |
I've also been stitching some of these EPP stars to their backgrounds. This is another long term project, but I love working on each and every block, so I'm quite happy for it to take a long time. So far this summer I've stitched these 6 stars to backgrounds, with another few prepped and ready to be stitched. These background fabrics are both from Island Batik.
EPP stars |
I was pleasantly surprised to find that ladder stitching the stars onto the backgrounds can be done while driving (well, while Paul drives, lol 😉). I wasn't sure if our terrible roads would make it hard to do ladder stitch, but it doesn't at all.

Do you stitch while traveling? What do you work on?


  1. Bonjour Leanne,

    Comme vous, je couds des projets en EPP pendant les vacances, c'est très pratique pour les voyages. Mais les routes françaises ne sont pas toujours très bonnes pour coudre, dans certaines régions il y a des virages nombreux.
    J'aime beaucoup vos hexagones.
    Bons voyages chère Leanne,

    Muriel la Française
    PS: désolée mais je ne suis pas assez confiante pour l'anglais

  2. Those blue hexies against the grey rocks look just great. Sadly I can't even read whilst travelling, let alone stitch - looking straight ahead is the rule for me!

  3. That scenery is so beautiful - especially those "holey" rocks! Thanks for sharing the pics.
    We were just away for the weekend; thankfully, hubby enjoys driving, so that gives me time to knit. I'm currently making a prayer shawl for a woman at church. I'm not sure that I'd do well at stitching in the car (although I used to do counted x stitch).


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