September 05, 2019

TGIFF - A Little Finish

Welcome to Thank Goodness It's Finished Friday! I can't believe it's September already! I feel like I'm always saying I can't believe how quickly time is flying by, but it's always true. A particular day can sometimes feel like it lasts 6 weeks (you've had those days, too, right?), but then somehow 6 months disappear in a flash.

I'm in the midst of a bunch of secret sewing right now, so I have just a quick, little finish to share today. I whipped up a double sided 4 patch pincushion, made with scrap 2 ½" squares. The 4 year old I babysit arrived today in a shirt that coordinated perfectly with the pincushion, so I couldn't resist using him as my model. Thanks to his mom for giving me permission to share 😊
Scrappy pincushion |
Scrappy pincushion |
I stuffed it with scrap batting pieces, too. I've been trying to find ways to use the long, skinny pieces that I cut off the edges of a quilt after quilting it. I hate throwing them out, especially since I want to reduce how much garbage we throw out as a household. I didn't want to be piecing a bazillion of them together to make a decent sized piece either, though. I mean, some of these pieces are about 2" wide, so making a batting big enough for even a mini quilt would take a lot of time.

I wasn't sure about using them for stuffing things because I figured that would make the stuffed thing turn out lumpy, but then I decided to try cutting the batting into small pieces first and that worked perfectly. I started out just cutting the batting in a single layer, but quickly switched to cutting four layers at a time to speed things up. I probably could have cut even more at a time with these LDH scissors. Since it's only a 4" pincushion, cutting enough batting into bits didn't take long.
Batting scraps |
I have a tendency to under-stuff things and then wish they were fuller, so I made a point of stuffing the pincushion really tightly, which gives it a nice heft and used up more batting than I thought it would. Sure, I'd have to make dozens of pincushions to use all the batting scraps I have tucked away, but at least it's a start!
Scrappy pincushion making |
I ladder stitched the opening closed last night, which was the extent of my sewing for the entire day. It's our first week back to work and I'm finding the morning alarm rather jarring after a whole summer without it. I'm hoping to be more productive in the evenings again after I adjust to actually having a schedule again.
Scrappy pincushion |
I don't actually need a new pincushion for use while sewing, but I made this one to use as a sample. I'm planning a "Learn to Quilt" class that I want to offer and I thought it would be nice to start with a super simple, but also useful, project the first night. My thought right now is that I'd allow the class participants to choose from my 2 ½" squares (it's not like I have a shortage), so there would be no cutting involved that first night. They'd learn to wind a bobbin, thread their machines and then get to make something they can then use for the rest of the class. There's nothing like seeing a finished project to make you feel like you can actually do this new thing. Oh, and I'll spend some time beforehand cutting up lots of batting scraps so they can use them for their stuffing 😊

Turns out, though, that I really like this little scrappy pincushion, so it's entirely likely it will end up seeing regular use. I may want to make more, too, lol. How many pincushions do you use regularly?

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Scrappy 4 patch pincushion |
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  1. I think those are a great idea!! I only use one pincushion - but wouldn't these be fun to throw in my sewing bag for retreats!!

  2. It sounds like a great project to get a newbie quilter going. I think the plan you outlined sounds perfect. I hope you enjoy teaching. Have you taught any sewing or quilting classes before? Hope you and your guys are settling into the school and work routine now!

  3. I agree, this is a perfect project for a new quilter. I don't use many pincushions, but now and then I like to make them. In the past, I have tossed them together in a wood bowl or some other container. Not sure I can do that now, since my cat would have a ball with them, thinking they are cat toys for him to mangle. Ha! Then again, I could just make more if he ruins one.

  4. Nice. and a good use for those skinny scraps that I just through out.

  5. I love the idea of using scrap batting like this. And for some reason, this reminds me of a pillow, so now I kind of want to start making doll pillows to get go with the doll quilts I've been making to match my baby quilts.

  6. SEW cute!! I have 3 pin cushions that I use regularly. 2 were gifts and 1 was from a swap.

  7. These are adorable, as are the 4-year-old's toes I see peeking beneath the pincushion! Thanks for hosting TGIFF and I spy an Island Batik blue square!

  8. I never thought to stuff them with batting. Great idea.

  9. I was just thinking that it's been too long since I made pincushions just for the fun of it. I like your idea of using scrap batting, especially tiny pieces.
    Sorry I missed the linky party. I've got to get here sooner!


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