January 09, 2020

Slim Fit Raglan Number Three

When I made my first two Summer Basics dresses, I noticed that the pink and stripe fabrics would look great made into something together. This week I finally made that happen! A new shirt made from the leftovers from other garments - it's like a scrap quilt I can wear!

I had intended to cut the front and back out of the stripe fabric and the sleeves from the pink, but I only had enough of the stripe fabric to cut out the front. Turns out I really like when the front is one fabric and the sleeves and back are another one. Don't you love when limitations turn into assets? 😊
Slim Fit Raglan | DevotedQuilter.com
This is my third Slim Fit Raglan (pattern from Patterns for Pirates) and I feel like I've got it just how I want it to look now. I make an extra-large, but this time I cut the neckband a little narrower and took 1 ½" off the length of the shirt. Not needing to figure out adjustments means it'll be even faster to make the next one 😉
Slim Fit Raglan | DevotedQuilter.com
Modeling definitely doesn't feel like my forte, though. Why does it feel so awkward to stand in front of a camera and what are you supposed to do with your hands?? And how do other people make it look so easy?

Modeling concerns aside, the list of garments I want to make is almost as long as the list of quilts I want to make. I can guarantee you I will never be bored, lol. If you're tempted to try garment sewing, too, check out this post for some encouragement!

Now back to quilting 😊 We have a snow day today, so I'm hoping to make a lot of progress quilting my Hollow Jewels quilt. Ideally, I'll have the quilting finished, but I may not make it that far. What are you working on now?


  1. Looks comfy! I like that the front is a different color.

  2. looks great! I too like the front different then the rest.

  3. You look great. I love how the front is different than the rest.


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