May 12, 2020

My Finished Churn Inventory Quilt

My Churn inventory quilt has been finished for a couple of weeks, but it has finally been photographed and gifted 😊
Churn quilt pattern |
I made this quilt as part of the Inventory Quilt Project, hosted by Just Wanna Quilt, and I used one piece of each of my blue and teal fabrics, except for a few novelty prints that I chose to leave out. The HSTs are made using the two at a time method, so each HST has a twin, but they started out as only one piece cut from each fabric.

I also made this as my Hands 2 Help comfort quilt challenge quilt. Sarah has been running this challenge for a long time and every year there are more quilts donated to great charities. Quilters really are amazing people! This year the Hands 2 Help challenge included something a little different - the Caregivers Quilt Initiative, started by Sue Daurio. The idea is for people to honour a caregiver they know in their own community by giving them a quilt.

As soon as I read about this initiative, I thought of Marie, who cares for her adult daughter, Deanne. Deanne has Down's Syndrome and over the past few years there have been extra challenges with her physical and mental health. I asked another of Marie's daughters about her favourite colour (it's blue) and then got to making her quilt. You can read more about the quilt top in this post.

I used a Northcott print called Canvas on the back. It's not quite a solid, but the quilting still shows up beautifully. I quilted this heart and loop meander design, which is quickly becoming a favourite. I used Aurifil 4140 in 50 wt for the quilting and the batting is Warm and Natural. I had expected to need to piece a batting, but I was pleasantly surprised to find a perfectly sized piece in my off-cuts, probably from the last time I opened a king-size batting.
heart free motion quilting |
For the binding, I debated using either pink or yellow, to highlight those sections of the quilt, or maybe one of the blues. Then I looked into my scrap binding bag and found enough pieces of blues and teals to make a scrappy binding and I was sold. After all, half the work of making the binding was already done! I especially love the white piece with blue and yellow flowers.
quilt binding |
I was so excited about getting the binding put on and having the quilt finished that I completely forgot to put my label on. Oops! A few minutes of hand stitching fixed that, though. I really love my LDH Scissors, by the way 😊
quilt label |
I won my labels in a giveaway on Kelly's blog (My Quilt Infatuation) years and years ago...actually, I just took a minute and searched on her blog and discovered that I won them in August 2015 😮 There were 1000 labels on the roll when I got it from Finer Ribbon and despite 5 years of steady quilt making, it hardly looks used! I won't be running out anytime soon, that's for sure.

Thanks to Sarah and Sue, for introducing me to the Caregivers Quilt Initiative! I had a lot of fun making this quilt specifically for Marie. It was wonderful to get to surprise her with a special quilt.

If you want to make your own version of Churn, you can get the pattern in my Etsy shop. I have it in both PDF and print versions. Both include a baby quilt size option, along with the throw size shown here.

Here's one last shot of the quilt, with one of my quilt holders peeking around the edge. He started to get a bit impatient with the wind that kept picking up the corners of the quilt and with his mother who was taking too long to get the pictures, lol 💗
Churn quilt pattern |


  1. I really love how this one turned out, Leanne. The colors balance each other so nicely and the quilting is just the perfect touch. <3

  2. Love it. It turned out great. I'm sure it will be appreciated and loved.

  3. This is a lovely quilt! The reflection of the church dash in the pink strips is so much fun. The meandering heart and loop is a perfect quilting design. I know the recipient will just love it.

  4. What a beautiful quilt, Leanne! Thanks for being part of Hands2Help 2020!


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