April 08, 2021

TGIFF - Respect the Power Tool

Welcome to Thank Goodness it's Finally Finished! For me this week, it's more a case of thank goodness it's finally photographed and blogged, since I actually finished this months ago, but the same feeling applies 😊

When Sam Hunter released her line of embroidery patterns, I was thrilled to see she had included her "Respect the Power Tool" graphic and bought it almost immediately, even though I really didn't need another hand stitching project. That didn't stop me from starting it right away, either, with the pattern increased to 150%.
Respect the Power Tool embroidery | DevotedQuilter.com
I love Jenny of Elefanz and her beautiful embroidery projects, which often feature tiny applique elements. With that inspiration in mind, I cut the sewing machine and the tiny spool of thread out of scraps of fabric. The mottled black fabric and the gold thread for the sewing machine were chosen to mimic my two Singer treadle machines.
Respect the Power Tool embroidery | DevotedQuilter.com
I used Aurifil 12 wt for all of the stitching. I chose orange for the thread spool as a nod to both Aurifil, for their orange 50 wt spools, and to Sam Hunter, since she's vocal about her love for orange. 
Respect the Power Tool embroidery | DevotedQuilter.com
I picked up a black 8x10 frame from the dollar store and I love how the embroidery looks framed! It hangs in our kitchen, right by the hutch where I keep my sewing machine 😊
Respect the Power Tool embroidery | DevotedQuilter.com
Side note, we were out of town yesterday, which meant about 4 hours total driving. I realized shortly after we left that, while I had my temperature quilt pieces to work on and my sew together bag that holds my hand stitching essentials, there were some essentials missing from the bag. Most notably, my scissors were sitting on the table by the chair in the living room, so I had no way to cut thread 😞 A stop at a fabric shop was already included in the day's plan and I figured I'd buy a cheap pair of scissors so I could at least stitch on the way home. I was thrilled to find these LDH thread snips at the fabric shop and snapped them up right away. Not only are they wonderful to use, they look great as a photography prop, too!

I have big plans to use Sam's graphic again, this time in a way I can wear an d proclaim my love of sewing everywhere I go. There are just so many projects lined up in head, I'm not sure when I'll actually get to it!

That's my finish, so now it's your turn! What have you finished recently (or at least found time to share recently, lol)? I'm looking forward to seeing and celebrating your finishes with you! As a reminder, much as we all love to see WIPs, this linky party is intended for finished projects.

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  1. How adorable!! And funny - you just need an extra hour or two a day to photograph and post right? Love your new little scissors!

  2. Such a nice addition to your nook! I am looking forward to seeing the apparel with this on. I did not know (I live under a rock obviously) that Sam Hunter does embroidery designs...I just know her fabulous book on paper-pieced text!

  3. It looks great in a frame. Too bad about the scissors, but then bonus. ☺


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