June 26, 2024

Merry Mini QAL

Back in November/December, I made two Merry Mini quilts. One I gave to my grandmother for Christmas, which was the reason I designed the mini quilt to begin with. The other I used for the gift exchange with my book club. That leaves me with no Merry Mini quilt, which is just not acceptable, lol.
Merry Mini quilt pattern | DevotedQuilter.com
Since I'm going to make another Merry Mini, I thought maybe you'd like to make one, too, and it would be even more fun if we made it a Christmas in July event. So today I'm launching the Merry Mini QAL. Each week for the month of July we'll work on another portion of the quilt so that by the end of the month we'll have a finished mini quilt ready to use to decorate or give to someone special for Christmas. Just think how good it will feel to be so far ahead when December rolls around!

Here's the QAL schedule:

July 1 - Make the text block (I'll be sharing a couple of alternate techniques if you don't want to hand embroider the text)
July 15 - Make the tree borders
July 22 - Quilting
July 29 - Binding

Merry Mini is a small quilt (you might have guessed that from the 'mini' in the name!), and it uses scraps, making it a perfect summer quilt along project. You probably already own most, if not all, of what you'll need to make it and you'll be able to accomplish each week's work pretty quickly. The hand embroidery is the most time consuming part, but even that doesn't take too long, plus it's portable, so you can work on it out on the deck, or by the pool, or at the cabin, or wherever. Or you can choose one of the alternate techniques I'll be sharing instead of the hand embroidery, making it even faster.

Want to join me? From now until the end of July, the Merry Mini pattern is 20% off with the code MERRYMINIQAL. Use the link below and the coupon code will already by applied.

Get the Merry Mini pattern

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  1. So smart to make another mini early this year to be ready for the holiday season!


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