March 16, 2013

Hexagon Crazy

I have been making these totally addictive little flowers for a couple of months. Mostly, I just pick away at them when I have a few minutes, or pack them up to work on while we're driving.

I don't actually know what I'm going to do with them yet...I just love making them! I do love what Sonja Callaghan calls her Hexie lily pad quilt and I think I'll head in that direction. I'm going to need a lot more flowers, though.

We're planning a family vacation this summer that will involve days and days of driving, so that will give me plenty of time for stitching flowers. I've started stockpiling the basted hexagons, all ready to be put together. Each elastic-wrapped bundle holds enough hexagons for 2 flowers, except for one set that is still just a single. With only 9 flowers ready so far, I see lots of basting in my future.

When I baste my hexagons, I just tack the corners down. I don't stitch right through the paper to the front so I won't have to remove the basting stitches when I'm done. One tedious step avoided.
With no real flowers blooming here yet, at least I can play with fabric ones!

Edited to say, if you'd like to see what these eventually became, check out this post!

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