March 13, 2013

WIP Wednesday

I have so many works in progress, it's hard to pick just one to feature today. But since most of them are going to be in progress for quite a while, and I don't want to keep adding more projects, I better save the others for another post!

Scrappy Log Cabin
I started this scrappy log cabin quilt back in the spring. I wanted an easy piecing project that I didn't have to spend much to start, and that I could eventually use to practice my free-motion quilting. I figured using all those 1 1/2" strips for a double bed size quilt would make a difference to my scrap pile, but the bin looks just as full as it always did. Don't know how that works!

Now that the piecing is finished, I am having so much fun with the free-motion quilting. I've only recently started FMQ, and I'm fairly good at stippling, but I wanted to play with more fancy designs. I used to practice on pieces of muslin, like this:

One of my very early practice pieces. Those feathers look pretty awful!

or these pieces left over after trimming a finished quilt.
Not perfect, but at least I can see improvement.

But I got tired of fiddling around with practice pieces. I wanted to be working on a real quilt. It had to be big, so I'd have room to practice, and it couldn't be a gift for anyone, because the quilting would be far from perfect. So, this quilt will eventually cover our spare room bed.

The FMQ still isn't perfect, but I am getting lots of practice. There are 7 vertical rows of blocks and 8 of sashing. So far I have finished 2 rows of the blocks and 3 of the sashing.

As they say: Practice makes perfect (or at least somewhat better!)


  1. Nice projects. thank you for sharing. I agree, your FMQ is coming along nicely!

  2. Bernadette Kennedy (Mom)March 17, 2013 3:56 pm

    looks like lots of work remember to take in the scenery while you are travelling as well. Love the flowers, and the quilting is getting better


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