February 02, 2014

A Landlocked Iceburg!

In early December a water pipe burst just outside of town and has been spraying water ever since. We hiked in today to see the resulting iceburg in the middle of the woods. The pictures are dark because it was late afternoon and cloudy, but this thing was really cool (pun intended)!

 It kind of looks like a smurf house with a giant chimney, doesn't it?
 We had a lazy but steady snow all day. The flash caught the snowflakes falling in some of the pictures.
 These trees are covered in ice from the wind blowing the spray onto them.
How's this for scale? Nathan is standing right beside the left side of the iceburg. He looks so tiny!


  1. too cool! but what a pain it's going to be when it's time to repair :(

  2. awesome but coming from a dry country where we time our showers (no longer than 4 minutes ) I also thought what a waste of water.


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