July 12, 2014

2014 Finish-a-Long List for Quarter 3

I find it hard to believe I'm sitting here contemplating the projects I hope to finish in the third quarter of this year. I know everyone is saying it, but I'm going to add my voice to the mix - this year is flying by!

So, without further ado, here's my list.

1. My Canvas quilt. This is the pattern I tested for Leanne of She Can Quilt, and it's my only unfinished project from last quarter. I started quilting it the other night, trying out my Fine Line Quilter's Rulers and some Essential Pro polyester thread from Connecting Threads. So far I'm liking both. Hopefully this will be a quick finish.
 2. Paul bought me a jelly roll of lovely Cantik batiks a few weeks ago. Last week I picked up this pale green print to go with the batiks and my plan is to make myself a new quilt for using in the living room. Right now I'm thinking maybe a rail fence block with the green as sashing, but I haven't settled on that yet. I usually wash all my fabric prior to starting anything, but I don't know about washing those strips...would they get distorted or fray too much? What do you do with your precut strips?
3. I put up a Craft it Forward post a couple of weeks ago so now I have three people awaiting handmade presents from me. I'm listing each one seperately, so number three on my list is my Craft it Forward gift for Shauna.

4. My Craft it Forward gift for Jennifer.

5. My Craft it Forward gift for Gail.

6. A baby quilt for my cousin Jessica, whose first baby is due in December. I'm thinking about combining this with my desire to participate in the Orange Peel QAL being hosted by Jess of Quilty Habit, but I haven't decided for sure yet.

7. I want to make a version of my Schnitzel and Boo Mini Quilt Swap quilt for us. The fabrics are picked out (though still not ordered), and I know exactly where it will hang when it's finished.
8. And just because I feel like I should have at least one project I'm almost certain will carry over for a couple of quarters, I might as well list my Sugar Block Club 2013 quilt. The blocks are all finished, but that's about as far as my planning has gone. To say finishing this one is a long shot is an understatement, but at least this way I officially have it on my radar.
Oh yeah, I may also try to do things like sleeping, taking care of my boys (when they come back from 2 weeks in Nova Scotia with their grandparents) and spending time with Paul. Good thing these Finish-a-Long lists don't come with penalties if you don't finish everything each quarter!

If you've been reading my FAL lists for a while, you may have noticed that my Scrappy Log Cabin quilt is not on this list. That's because it is finished! It was actually finished back in May, but I haven't yet had a chance to take good pictures of it, so I haven't posted about it. I'm heading out in a few minutes to try to get those pictures, so I may finally get to share this long awaited finish next week. Whoo hoo!


  1. Oh, Leanne, I would not wash those strips, you end up with balls of fuzz. Like those colors!! I have steam pressed some to kind of shrink them. But I don't sew with precuts much. Carole @ From My Carolina Home

    1. This is my first experience with precuts and I thought washing them would be a bad idea. It feels wrong to just use them though, since I usually pre-wash everything!

  2. I would also avoid washing precuts. If you absolutely had to, you would need to surge the edges.

  3. Very pretty batiks! I previously have avoided washing precuts, but doing so makes me kind of nervous - especially with batiks. Recently I found a recommendation that you can wash scraps inside a lingerie bag and the bag would protect the edges. On a small test it did seem to work. There was very little fraying. Alternatively, I would recommend that you use color catchers when you wash the finished quilt.


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