July 10, 2014

Iceberg Hunting

There are lots of big icebergs around Newfoundland this year.

 This one is actually quite small, but close to shore so we could get a good look at it.
Mom helping Nathan take a picture.
This little one was really close to shore! We actually got to watch it roll over, which is something I've never seen before except on tv. The boys thought the iceberg in the distance looked like the big fin on a submarine.

 These are tiny fish swimming over the submerged part of the iceberg by the wharf.

 The bigger of these two was moving fast enough that we could watch it move past the rocks.
Aside from the beautiful icebergs, we also saw two eagles and a porpoise. It was a great way to spend part of the day.


  1. I bet it was interesting to watch the iceberg roll over!

  2. Are there more icebergs this year with us having such a cold winter? Seeing an iceberg is on my bucket list.

  3. Wow, how fun to be so close to these beautiful icebergs! I've never seen one that big.

  4. This definitely rivals anything I can see on our shores - so cool! (Haha no pun intended ; )

  5. Ahem. Icebergs?! Impressive! We never see those in an Australian summer!

  6. wow those photos were beautiful, and i'm sure it was even more impressive in real life. thanks for sharing


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