October 23, 2014

Something New

Did I need a new project? Of course I did! My plan, when I finished piecing the top of my Hexie flower quilt, was to not start another hand piecing project until I finished hand quilting the hexie flowers (which still isn't even basted).

That didn't last long. I've already finished my Hexie Stars quilt, which was mostly pieced by epp and then machine quilted.

I loved doing the hexie flowers while traveling, and I find I really miss the stitching when we have to drive a couple of hours and I have nothing to work on. So I started something new.

These epp stars are made of diamonds that measure 1" on a side. I created them using this graph paper creation site. It was quick, simple and the templates are perfect.
They're tiny! And I love them!

I have a whole bin of 1 1/2" strips left over from making my Scrappy Log Cabin quilt and that's what I'm using to make the diamonds. The seam allowance is a little more than 1/4", but not enough that I'm going to worry about it.
I'm not sure where I'm headed with this project, though I'm thinking about using a light grey solid to separate the stars. As for how big I want it to get...just look at that bin. There are lots of fabrics in there just begging to become epp stars! I have a feeling it will be a big quilt, eventually. For now it's only for when we're driving somewhere, so it will grow very slowly, but I'm good with that.


  1. How fun! I really like star blocks, and it is fantastic that you are putting your scrap bin to such good use.

  2. How nice to have an on the go project. I usually bring my hand sewing and then never work on it.


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