December 04, 2014

A Finished Tractor Quilt!

My commissioned tractor quilt is finished!
For the record, I need to find a way to take pictures of big quilts or stick to making small ones! I took this one to a friend's house to use her clothesline, and the quilt was still dragging in the snow. At least the snow was clean!

The mom who asked me to make this for her son wanted minimal quilting. She suggested only outlining the black frames around the tractors, but those frames are 15" wide. The quilting lines would have been too far apart, so I suggested outlining the tractors themselves. I love how clearly they show up on the back of the quilt.
 I used a simple, solid black for the binding, which echoes the black frames around the tractors.
I figured this would be my first finish on my Finish-a-Long list for this quarter, but it's actually my third. The others were my 'Twas the Night project and my #igminiswap quilt. That means I'm already doing better than I did last quarter when I only finished two projects, and there's still a few weeks left to this quarter. Yay for being productive!


  1. I bet you have made one little boy very happy Leanne, I love the tractor outline quilting.

  2. I usually like quite a lot of quilting, but this works to keep the focus on the tractors without distorting the pictures. Lucky son!

  3. Very nice indeed - a great boys/man quilt!

  4. Congrats on the finish. I really love how it looks on the back. It was good to add the extra quilting.

  5. Congrats with your third finish, my grandson would be happy with this quilt!! I love it too.
    Love from Amsterdam.

  6. It looks cool hanging in the snow - I thought you did that on purpose. :)

  7. Love the outlines of the tractors on the solid backing. Good Job! Hopping over from NNT.


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