March 04, 2015

Round Trip Quilts - Round 4

Another round of the Round Trip Quilts round robin bee is finished. This time I had the quilt started by Kim, of Ties That Bind Quilting. Here is what it looked like when it arrived here from Jennifer.
I stared at this quilt for a long, long time trying to figure out what I could possibly do next. The whole quilt felt very busy to me, which is exactly what Jennifer had said when she first saw it. She added the improv flying geese to two sides, which I found helped to give the eye a resting place, so I wanted to add something to the other two sides that would also have a lot of background space.

I thought some drunkard's path circles would fit the bill. Kim had sent along some Kona Sky for the background, to help the whole quilt have a little unity, so I went to my stash to see what fabrics I had that would work with her colour palette. To my surprise I actually found nine fabrics that blended nicely with what was already in the quilt. My stash may not be very large, but I'm often surprised by what I find in there!
You can read more about the making of the circles in this post. I'm pleased with how they look now that they're pieced onto the main piece of Kim's quilt. I sure hope she likes them too!
The two other pieces are still loose, waiting for someone else to fit them into the design of the quilt. I tried to incorporate at least one of them, but nothing I tried looked right. It will be fun to see how they eventually make their way into the finished quilt.
We are halfway through the rounds for this project now and the quilts are all looking amazing! If you'd like to check out the progress of all the others, check out Jennifer's Round Trip Quilts page.


  1. Your addition completes the calm framing started by Jennifer, and I love how it came together, Leanne!

  2. Love your addition - you guys are great at figuring out what to add, this would have had me stumped for a long while!

  3. Love the calm border you and Jennifer put together. A little resting place is perfect! And the circles are so much fun!


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