March 18, 2015

WIP Wednesday

I'm working on a couple of things this week, one of which is this rather neglected Psalm 19 mini quilt. I finished the embroidery months ago, then let it just sit and wait...and wait...and wait. So a couple of weeks ago I pulled it out again and added the borders. I may end up trimming the black border a little - I think it's wider than I would like.

Now I am getting the flowers ready to fuse in place and then finish with a little hand stitching.
You can see my first Psalm 19 mini quilt here and it is for sale in my Etsy shop.

I don't have many Kona cotton colours yet, but I'd like to be able to keep track of which ones I do have. I figure knowing what the names are for these colours will make it easier should I want to reorder one of them in the future. So I made my DIY version of colour swatches yesterday by snipping a little piece off each fat quarter, gluing it onto a piece of card stock and writing the name on the back.
We had another blizzard Monday evening into Tuesday. When I opened the basement door Tuesday morning I discovered a drift that was higher than Nathan!
We are under a blizzard warning again tonight, with a possible 30+cm more snow before all is said and done. Hopefully that will be the last of it. I'm a little jealous of all the flower pictures I've been seeing on IG from people living in more southerly climates. Our ground is buried under several feet of snow, so it will be a while yet before there are any flowers around here, unless they're made of fabric!


  1. I am visiting my daughter in New Brunswick this week and enjoying staying in the house with the grandson.
    Your Psalm 19 is beautiful.

  2. Wow that is a pretty tall snow drift! I really like the way you created your own color card from snips of your Kona fabrics!

  3. Those flowers are so cute and will add a lot to your mini. Take care in your winter weather.

  4. The applique flowers are going to be such a compliment to this pretty piece. Boy, I don't envy you for the amount of snow you guys have been getting. We haven't gotten a lot of snow, but did have the coldest winter I can remember. Keep warm with your Konas and work on that mini. Spring will be here soon!


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