August 03, 2016

Just the Basics Mystery Quilt - Putting it all Together!

It's the final installment of instructions for the Just the Basics Mystery Quilt-a-Long!
Just the Basics Mystery Quilt-a-Long |
These 6 months sure have flown by, haven't they? One last time, here is the important info for this quilt-a-long.



Running from March to August 2016, the Just the Basics mystery quilt-a-long will require no special rulers and no scary techniques. The design is confident beginner level and there will be no paper piecing, no applique, no improv piecing and no y-seams! Not that there's anything wrong with any of those techniques, but sometimes it's fun to see what you can make out of basic blocks.

I promise, the basics are anything but boring!

It's never too late to join in. All of the posts can be found under the tab at the top of the blog, so you can start anytime. New posts will be published here on the first Wednesday of each month. You can follow Devoted Quilter by Bloglovin, email or Feedly to be sure you don't miss anything - the links are all on the sidebar. 

Remember, you can choose to make the Just the Basics mystery quilt in the 48" x 48" baby/wall size or the 60" x 72" throw size. Either way you'll cut and piece the units the same, but you'll make more of each unit for the throw quilt.

If you're on Instagram, don't forget to share your progress! Use #JustTheBasicsMysteryQuilt and tag me @devotedquilter.

In case you're just getting started, March was fabric selection, April was HSTs, May was Flying Geese and Square-in-a-square blocks, June was More HSTs (But Not as Many!) and July was Flying Geese (version 2) and Joining More Units.

This Month's Instructions

Now let's get this quilt put together!

As a reminder, here are the fabrics I chose for my quilt.
Just the Basics Mystery Quilt-a-Long |
 We need some 2 1/2" squares cut from fabric 1, which in my fabric is the grey.


For baby/wall size

From fabric 1 - 64 squares 2 1/2" x 2 1/2"

For throw size

From fabric 1 - 120 squares 2 1/2" x 2 1/2"

Making Units 2a and 2b

These units use the squares we've just cut along with the rest of the HSTs from April. Just as with Units 1a and 1b, these units are almost identical, so double check you have things turned the right way before sewing them together.

For the wall/baby size, you need 32 of Unit 2a and 32 of Unit 2b.
For the throw size, you need 60 of Unit 2a and 60 of Unit 2b.

Unit 2a looks like this.
Just the Basics Mystery Quilt-a-long |
Unit 2b looks like this.
Just the Basics Mystery Quilt-a-long |

Making Unit A and B

Now we can join the Unit 1's (from June) and the Unit 2's together.

For the baby/wall size, you need 32 Unit A and 32 Unit B.
For the throw size, you need 60 Unit A and 60 Unit B.

Join Unit 1a to Unit 2a as shown to make Unit A. Press seams towards Unit 2a.
Just the Basics Mystery Quilt-a-long |

Join Unit 1b to Unit 2b as shown to make Unit B. Press the seams towards Unit 2B.
Just the Basics Mystery Quilt-a-long |

Block Assembly

It's time to put the blocks together!

For the baby/wall size, you need 16 blocks.
For the throw size, you need 30 blocks.

Lay out your units as shown.
Sew the units into rows. From this point on, I pinned all of the intersections (yes, all of them!) and pressed all of the seams open.
Just the Basics Mystery Quilt-a-long |
 Then sew the rows together.

Once the blocks are all sewn, join them together to make the quilt top. The baby/wall quilt is 4 blocks x 4 blocks. The throw quilt is 5 blocks x 6 blocks. I made the baby/wall size.

I love the secondary patterns that emerge! The blue boxes and red stars are so much fun and I am excited to do some custom free motion quilting in the negative space.

Now I can't wait to see your finished quilts! I'd like to have a parade of your Just the Basics Mystery Quilts (tops or finished quilts), so please email me pictures at devotedquilter at gmail dot com. I'll share all the pictures here on my blog on the first Wednesday in October, giving you two months to finish up. I'll post a reminder in September too, just in case you need it ;)

Thank you to everyone who has been sewing along with me. Seeing your finished pieces each month has been a lot of fun, and I've really enjoyed sharing this quilt-a-long! I hope you have too!


  1. Wow, Leanne, this turned out beautifully! I keep seeing different designs and patterns looking at the quilt top. :)

  2. I was eager to see how it would all come together and this is brilliant - lovely block and resulting pattern!

  3. Wow. Not how I thought this would turn out...not that I had any clue on how it would actually turn out. Thanks for hosting. It's been fun. Now to get working on both July and August instructions.

  4. Oooooh, those secondary patterns! This looks like a great pattern to make - gotta love the basics. :)

  5. Oh Leanne, this is SO pretty! There are just so many terrific QALs going on in QBL it's so hard to pick...I want to do them all! I haven't even quilted Cheryl's mystery from 2015 and 2016 has started, gulp.

  6. Wow, what a pretty quilt, Leanne! I'll definitely be revisiting this one!! Whoop whoop!!

  7. Beautiful design! I love love how the secondary pattern emerges when the blocks are put together!


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