August 16, 2016

Then...and Now Linky Party

Welcome to the Then...and Now linky party!
Then..and Now Linky Party |

We quilters spend hours with our noses only inches from our quilts. We know every stitch that's out of place, every seam that went a little wonky and every place where the points didn't match up. Because of that, we are often our own worst critics.

We are always trying to make our current quilt better than our last one. There's nothing wrong with fact, it's great to keep learning and improving our skills...but sometimes we forget to look back and see how far we've come. We're so focused on what we can't do right yet that we barely even notice the things we've mastered. Let's fix that!

Let's take a look back, really look at some of our earlier quilts and then at our more recent quilts. Let's celebrate all the things we've learned to do, or to do better, whether that's free motion quilting, cutting more accurately, trimming units so points match up better, foundation paper piecing, hand applique...There are many skills we may have learned, so let's celebrate them all!

Write up a blog post sharing where your skills used to be and where they are now. Then link up here and we'll all celebrate together :) Don't forget to add a link back here in your post so others can join in too. Here's a handy-dandy button you can use, too.
Devoted Quilter

And if your new skills are in knitting, crocheting, garment sewing, or whatever other fiber art you're currently obsessed with, let's celebrate that too!

This linky party will stay open until August 31st, so check back later and visit some other link-ups and celebrate their progress.


  1. I love this idea! I will try to put together a blog post before the deadline!

  2. Great idea for link up. I've been quilting for sometime but don't have many quilts to show for it. Most of them were gifts for family and friends. I do have my first quilt that I made. Will write up something before the deadline. Thank for the chance to link up.

  3. Leanne, thanks for hosting this linky party! I'm very much enjoying reading about the participants progression as quilters. :)

  4. I totally missed the boat on this topic, but it's been so inspiring to see where everyone has improved. I'm new to your blog but already like what I've seen. Thanks!


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