September 10, 2016

Scattered Stars

My EPP star collection has grown to over 90 stars now.
EPP Diamond Stars |
Mostly I work on these when we're on the road, but I've started stitching a few here and there in the evenings at home too.

I think I even have the beginnings of a plan for what I want to do with them, finally. I've only been working on this since October 2014! Yikes! Almost 2 years and I only have a little more than 90 stars?? I didn't realize I was going that slow!

We're all going to have to use our imaginations a little here, to get an idea of what I'm thinking. I want to scatter the colourful stars all over a grey background, something like this.
Scattered Stars EPP |
Just a sample of the EPP stars I have sewn so far.
I don't want it to be a solid background though. It will be a solid fabric, rather than a print, but I think I want three different shades of grey to add interest to the background. The greys would all be close, but just different enough to add subtle shading. That's also how I pieced the background of my hexie flowers quilt (which still isn't quilted yet).

That may mean the whole background would be EPP diamonds too. I've thought about piecing the background and appliqueing the stars on top, but I don't know that I want the straight lines of the piecing. I think that would take away from the stars somehow.

I still want to make a lot more stars, since I want this to be a lot bigger than it could be with only 90-some stars. I also want more variety in colours. I'm heavy on blues and very light on yellows, oranges and purples. I'm not going for a rainbow, really, since I have black, white, grey and brown in there too. I just want a good mix of colours where no one colour dominates. I'm only using prints because I want them to stand out from the solid background.

I am also considering printing out a bunch of 1" hexie paper templates so I can start basting hexies for the Hexie Rainbow design I shared last week. Since I want that one to be scrappy, I might as well baste the pieces as I'm working on all the coloured stars, right? That's what I'm telling myself, anyway :)

Apparently I won't be giving up on EPP anytime soon! Do you EPP? If you do, what is your favourite shape?


  1. I don't *love* EEP (yet) but I do love watching others do it, lol. This is going to be magnificent!

  2. I really like the scattered approach. This is going to be awesome.

  3. I am addicted to EPP. Hexies are my my most favourite shape - working on The Insanity Quilt, half inch hexies! Though, I am working on Lucy Boston, Patchwork of the Crosses; and a Pie and Tarts.

  4. I recently started EPP hexie shapes and wow, am I addicted! I can't wait to try other shapes. I have no plans for the hexies I'm making right now - I'm just haing fun stitching them. I like your idea for your background, it will look spectacular!

  5. Your idea sounds great. Good luck making more. I have a few EPP projects, but I haven't made any progress.

  6. I love EPP, so soothing. I have the New Hexagon craze. What if you did applique them to a whole cloth background? it would be a fun playground for your fmq around the stars. Instead of piecing for a three layer color what if you dip dyed your background?

  7. Looks like you will be busy EPP'ing for some time yet Leanne!


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