May 12, 2017

Quilts for Seniors - Update 2

It's time for another update on where things stand with the quilts for the seniors who lost everything in the fire last month. Packages are still arriving almost every day, though it has definitely slowed down from what it was a week or so ago. I have now had parcels from 9 of the 10 Canadian provinces and 1 of the 3 territories. From the US, I've had parcels from 29 states. And I had one envelope of blocks come all the way from Australia!

Let's are the quilt tops waiting to be quilted.
Stack of quilt tops |

Here are the blocks waiting to be sorted into bundles of 42, ready to become a quilt top. The shorter pile is blocks that finished smaller than 10 1/2", so I'm going to trim them to 10" and then they'll go together. My plan is to sort a lot of these into bundles this evening. And yes, they are currently hanging out on my dryer 😊
Quilt blocks |

Here are the bundles I have ready to be assembled. Thanks are certainly due to my friend Michelle for coming over a few nights to help put these bundles together. I've been giving out bundles to people to put together, and I'm having a Sew Day at my church tomorrow afternoon, so there will soon be a lot more quilt tops to add to the pile waiting to be quilted.
Bundles of quilt blocks |

Binding anyone? Along with all of this ready-to-go binding, I also have stacks of fabric that can be made into binding.
Quilt binding |

So far I've also given out 6 tops, battings and bindings to people willing to do quilting and binding.
Blue quilt |
This fabulous blue quilt top and backing have been sent out for quilting.
It is so much fun to see these quilts come together! I hope you're having fun reading the updates, too 😊


  1. It's so nice to see things coming together.

  2. Things are moving along smoothly. Glad you have help from friends.

  3. This is just so encouraging and fun to see, when the quilting community steps up and meets a need. It's coming together really well. What a neat thing to do, Leanne!

  4. Cheering for you way down here!!!

  5. It was a fun block to do .... and now seeing the blocks that you're trimming, I wish I had included the blocks that had been made too small...
    Good Work!

  6. It's so nice to see the progress...and I'm glad you have help! :-D

  7. Absolutely having fun reading the updates! What a wonderful response you got!

  8. I just love that blue quilt top. It's turned into quite the mammoth project, hasn't it. You will have many quilts for many worth causes by the looks of it.

  9. This is so amazing and awesome! I am so glad you are getting so much help, and I do love these updates!

  10. What an amazing response you have had Leanne, your community will be quilting up a storm for weeks to come :)

  11. What an amazing response you have had Leanne, your community will be quilting up a storm for weeks to come :)

  12. I love seeing what so many people have come together to do for a great caused..all thanks to you!! Keep the updates coming.💕

  13. Oh wonderful. It is wonderful to be able to help those people. Hoping you received my blocks a few weeks ago (from Alabama).


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