May 31, 2017

Works in Progress

I feel like I'm working on lots of things, but there's not much to show for it, so I guess that means it's time for a WIP Wednesday post 😊

My WISPs (works in slow progress) are progressing, though true to their name, they're both moving along slowly. As I've mentioned before, I'm joining some of the stars for Scattered Stars, and the piece is now about 18" x 10" at it's widest parts. Trying to keep the stars looking scattered, rather than in regular rows, means joining some interesting shapes together.

EPP Scattered stars |

When I came across small scraps of this pebble fabric, I couldn't resist making a star out of it. I think this will be the next star I join in.
EPP pebble star |

My Hexie Rainbow quilt is one round bigger than when I shared it last. Next up will be two rounds of black. I have a bunch of black hexies basted, but I want more, in more prints, so I can mix up the prints a bit, so I'm not ready to start those rounds yet. There's less than a month left of school, so I'm thinking once summer break gets here I'll be able to spend more time handstitching with a cup of tea in the mornings than I can manage right now. Come on, summer!
Hexie rainbow |

I made three of these adorable 6" churn dashes for a secret sewing project that needs to be sent out near the end of June. I love this Kona jade! I usually go for projects with lots and lots of pieces, but this one is mostly just simple patchwork, and it is coming together really quickly. The rows are sewn together already and I'll soon have a finished top.
Jade churn dash |
And, of course, the quilts for the seniors are still taking up a lot of time. This week I was invited to drop in on a local sewing group who have been a huge help with joining blocks into tops for this project and I snapped this picture of them. This is just a small portion of the army of quilters near and far who have come together to make this project work.
Sewing group |

I now have 9 finished quilts in the house and 20 tops ready to be quilted. There are also still blocks bundled together, but not yet sewn as well as tops that are being sewn by others but haven't been returned to me yet. I'm thinking a total of 50 quilts won't be a surprise!

I've gone through all of the donated batting, so I've started using donated money to buy batting. There's no shortage of backing or binding yet, though, so it's just a matter of getting things matched up and given out. This week I'm aiming to give a bunch more out to be quilted so they can move from the 'tops waiting to be quilted' pile into the 'finished quilt' pile 😊It really is amazing to watch these quilts come together!

And, on a non-sewing note, we have some moose who are hanging out around town this year. It's not exactly rare for moose to be seen in town, but they don't usually stick around for so long. These ones have been seen over and over the past couple of weeks, and they don't seem at all concerned about the people around them. While walking with the kids this morning, I was very grateful that moose are herbivores and I didn't need to worry that this guy was looking at me and the 4 littles with me as a tasty snack!
Moose |

So, that's where things stand around here! What are you working on lately?


  1. Your handwork projects are always fun to get an update on. Secret sewing can be so much fun but I hate not being able to share more than sneak peeks as I am making (and excited) about them! I love, love, love, all the updates on the quilts for the seniors and am so impressed by all the help your community is offering, too.

  2. Your EPP projects look so nice. I'm just giving it a try, and my stitches show, so I need to watch some tutorials or something. I'm enjoying the updates on the quilts for the seniors. A moose on the loose is a fun thing to see, from a distance!

  3. Love your EPP work. The stars are great. The rainbow hexies, mmmmm, so good.

  4. So pretty! I feel like I everything I'm doing is a WISP lately.


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