December 08, 2019

A Quick Tip for Storing Thread

I'm popping in with a quick tip today. Do you ever need to fill a bobbin with a new thread colour, but you don't have any empty bobbins? It happens to me all the matter how many new bobbins I buy!

I've read that loading a new colour on top of thread already in a bobbin can cause machine trouble, so I don't do that. For years I've looked for the bobbin with the least thread, unwound it and put the thread into the garbage. I hated doing it...what a waste...but I needed the bobbin.

The other day I realized that I could use an embroidery floss holder from my cross stitch supplies to hold the thread I took off the bobbin. If you don't have floss holders lying around, a piece of thin cardboard would do the trick, just cut a little slice into one end to hold the end of the thread so it doesn't come undone.
thread stored on embroidery floss holder |
Now that it's neatly wrapped around a floss holder, the thread is perfect for basting EPP shapes. I can load a bunch of different colours onto one floss holder, then toss it into my EPP kit for whenever I'm ready to baste. I feel much better not wasting perfectly good thread just so I can have an empty bobbin!


  1. This is a great idea Leanne. I am the same - often unwinding the least full bobbin and tossing the thread. I recently treated myself to a bunch of new bobbins . However, I am sure I will be back in this situation sooner rather than later. Thanks for the tip.

  2. I like this idea too! And immediately adding it to your project bag is a much better idea than searching for it later! 😆!

  3. Perfect! I never would have thought of it; but it makes so much sense.


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