December 03, 2019

Multiplication Pattern Release

It's pattern release day! To be honest, it could have been pattern release day a couple of weeks ago, but trying to get a picture of a queen size quilt in November in Newfoundland is no easy feat. It's especially hard if you work during all of the daylight hours, lol. However, we had a scheduled water shut-off on Thursday for repairs to the lines, which meant school had to be closed, which in turn meant that all my babysitting littles stayed home with their teacher parents, my boys were all home AND the weather was good, so we high-tailed it out to do some picture taking.

This picture of my Multiplication quilt was worth the wait, I think! All three boys are standing on a picnic table behind the quilt to get it up off the ground. Nathan is in the middle with his arms stretched straight up to keep the middle from sagging back while the other two hold the corners. Future me needs to remember that 8' square quilts are hard to hold up 😄
Multiplication quilt pattern |
Multiplication is a fun, bold, one block design that gives an optical illusion feel to the quilt. Do your eyes focus on the black Xs, the blue Xs or the colourful squares first? To me it feels like the various parts are layered on top of one another and focusing on one component makes the others recede into the background.

My Multiplication quilt is made with Island Batik fabrics, all from their Foundations line (probably my favourite Island Batik fabrics). It's a great quilt for showcasing a couple of your most-loved fabrics in the Xs. I don't really use fabric with large scale designs, but I imagine they would work nicely in the Xs, giving them plenty of space to shine.

Multiplication was originally published in Make Modern magazine back in the spring. I have expanded the pattern to include baby (48" x 48") and throw (64" x 80") size options, along with the 96" x 96" queen size shown. Whether you need a gift for a baby shower, something special for a friend who needs a quilty hug or a new quilt for your own bed, Multiplication has you covered.

To celebrate the pattern release, Multiplication is available at its introductory price now through December 9th, so get your copy today!

Buy your Multiplication quilt pattern now

I would really appreciate it if you'd pin this image to help other quilters find the Multiplication pattern, too. Thank you for your support of my pattern business!
Multiplication quilt pattern |
What colours will you use for your Multiplication quilt?

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  1. Photographing large quilts can be such a challenge! Congratulations on the pattern release. :)

  2. Purchased and printing! This looks like a great quilt for donation purposes too - bright /cheerful and quick / easy to make!

  3. Congratulations on another pattern release Leanne at this rate you will soon have enough to fill a book!

  4. Congrats! Love the 'X' design. The struggle is real when it comes to photographing quilts...any size!

  5. Congratulations. It's a great pattern. I love that the boys helped you with photos. I have pinned.

  6. This is one gorgeous quilt. And I focused on the colors first and didn't even see the blue crosses. Really fun!

  7. What a beautiful spot for a photo shoot! Glad that the weather finally cooperated. Congrats on the release of your newest pattern! Your quilt is SEW lovely.

  8. Photographing quilts is the hardest part of quilt designing and quilt making. Period!

    Congrats on your latest pattern offering -- it's lovely!


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