April 01, 2020

Two New Quilting Events

I hope you are well, both physically and mentally. These are strange days, there's no doubt about it. I have to go get our weekly groceries sometime today, which used to feel like a perfectly ordinary thing to do, and now it feels like I'm doing something just a little wrong by going into a building other than my own house. Anyone else feel that way??

Covid-19 may have the in-person quilting world shut down, but our online community is still going strong. We've just finished the Stay at Home and Shop Hop (click the link if you missed it!) and now today there are two more events starting 😊

First up, there's the Spring Clean Your Studio Blog Hop, hosted by Cheryl Sleboda, of Muppin Inc.
I don't even have a studio and I needed to be part of this blog hop! I am so looking forward to peeking into other quilters' studios, both to live a little vicariously through them and to plan for the day when I will have my own studio. I have been doing some cleaning and organizing, too, so I'll be sharing that on April 11th. In the meantime, here's the schedule so you can peek into their studios, too. I don't know about you, but I can use all the organizing ideas I can get.

April 1 - Sam Hunter - http://www.huntersdesignstudio.com
April 2 - Marian Pena - http://www.seamstobesew.com
April 3 - Jennifer Fulton - http://www.inquiringquilter.com/questions
April 4 - Martha Wolf - http://Www.pinwheelprodns.com
April 5 - Jennifer Strauser - http://www.dizzyquilter.com
April 6 - Steph Carton - http://www.theelimonster.com/blog
April 7 - Simone Fisher - http://www.simonequilts.com/blog
April 8 - Kate Colleran - http://www.seamslikeadream.com
April 9 - Carlina Moore - http://www.alwaysexpectmoore.com
April 10 - Jen Frost - http://www.faithandfabricdesign.com/blog
April 11 - Leanne Parsons - http://www.devotedquilter.com
April 12 - Becca Fenstermaker - http://www.prettypiney.com/blog
April 13 - Sarah Myers - http://www.quilted-diary.com
April 14 - Mitzi Redd - http://www.reddhomestead.com
April 15 - Jeanette Larson - http://www.Jenonthefarm.com
April 16 - Camille Ainsworth - http://www.stitchinthenw.com
April 17 - Becky Philips Jorgenson - http://www.patchworkposse.com
April 18 - Bobbie Gentili - http://www.geekybobbin.com/category/blog
April 19 - Janellea Macbeth - http://www.janelleamacbeth.com/blog/
April 20 - Lisa Ruble - http://lovetocolormyworld.blogspot.com
April 21 - Debra Davis - http://www.tuning-my-heart.com/blog
April 22 - Rona Herman - http://www.Ronatheribbiter.com
April 23 - Sue Griffiths - http://www.duckcreekmountainquilting.com
April 24 - Sarah Ruiz- http://www.saroy.net/
April 25 - Jessica Caldwell - http://www.desertbloomquilting.com/
April 26 - Tammy Silvers - http://tamarinis.typepad.com
April 27 - Ebony Love - http://www.lovebugstudios.com/blog
April 28 - Cheryl Sleboda - http://blog.muppin.com

The second event starting today is a virtual trunk show series. I've never had the pleasure of going to an actual trunk show, so getting to see a whole series of them is going to be a lot of fun!
These are all happening on Facebook, as 15 minute live videos, one every hour starting at noon EST. I'm having trouble even imagining how many beautiful quilts there will be! To get us started, here's the schedule for today. I'll be sharing each day's schedule on my FB page, so you can follow me there to be sure you don't miss any of the eye candy 😍

April 1 12pm EST Andi Stanfield    facebook.com/Anditruebluequilts
April 1 1pm EST Nancy Scott        facebook.com/MasterpieceQ
April 1 2pm EST Becky Jorgensen     https://www.facebook.com/patchworkposse/
April 1 3pm EST Carolina Moore facebook.com/alwaysexpectmoore
April 1 4pm EST Jackie Kunkel    https://www.facebook.com/cantonvillagequiltworks/
April 1 5pm EST Connie Jonson Sayler  https://www.facebook.com/PacificRimQuiltCompany/
April 1 6pm EST Laura Piland/Slice of Pi Quilts  https://www.facebook.com/sliceofpiquilts/
April 1 7pm EST Sandra Starley  https://www.facebook.com/TextileTimeTravels
April 1 8pm EST Swan Sheridan  www.facebook.com/swanamitystudios

Between our own quilting and all this virtual community connecting, we shouldn't have any reason to be bored!

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