December 01, 2020

Combination Star - Quilt Block Mania

It's time for Quilt Block Mania again and the theme this month is Stars. I loooooove star quilt blocks! I've used stars in a bunch of my patterns - see Between the Stars, Medallion Magic, Reach for the Stars, Friendship Galaxy and Night Sky.

For my QBM block, I wanted to play around with combining stars together in one block, then I couldn't come up with a name, so Combination Star just kind of stuck. Naming blocks and patterns is harder than it looks!
Combination Star quilt block pattern |
I like the shapes of the secondary pattern that happens when you tile four Combination Star blocks together. 
Combination Star quilt block pattern |
I thought the secondary pattern would look even more interesting if you added another square in one corner. With that extra square, you get another four patch in the center when you put four blocks together. I started out with the Quilt Block Mania colour palette, but blue and yellow or orange is pretty much my default colour setting. Almost every quilt I design in EQ8 gets coloured with blues to start and then sometimes I convince myself to branch out to different colour possibilities. Other times I just stick with the blues because they make me happy. Do you have a default colour setting?
Combination Star quilt block pattern |
I liked that variation so much I decided to use it for my block, with the blues and yellows, of course. Here's one block...
Combination Star quilt block pattern |
And here are its three friends! The Combination Star pattern includes the cornerstone variation, too, so you can make your block with or without the secondary four patch.
Combination Star quilt block pattern |
The plan was to have these sewn together and maybe even quilted and bound, but life got in the way and they're still separate blocks. Ah well, I'll get back to them again soon.

Combination Star is a great scrap buster and you know I love scrappy quilts, too! I have a big stash of 1 ½" squares already cut, plus another stash of them already sewn into same-colour four patch blocks. That stash was the basis of my Scraps Squared pattern and I still have plenty left over. I keep toying with the idea of another Scraps Squared quilt, but it hasn't happened yet (never enough time!!). In the meantime, I used four of the four patch blocks and four of the individual squares to make these blocks.

Want to make Combination Star for yourself? Get the free pattern here!

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  1. How fun for you to come up with this star combo block! I'm sure it was gratifying to see it come together in those lovely fabrics. Design to reality is a good feeling, right? It's wonderful that you have more design ideas to try. Original design has never been my strong suit. But, after years and years of making other quiltmaker's designs, these days it's my person challenge to make my own designs and creations. Still, patterns are needed for those who are newer and early-stages quiltmakers. They will sure enjoy your free pattern.

  2. this is such a pretty block. Thank you.

  3. Absolutely love your star block! Thank you.

  4. Thank you for your time in making this block.

  5. Thank you for this block and sharing your talent.

  6. Thank you so much. I have looked and looked for a star within a star block and this is it!

  7. This is a lovely block and enjoyed the color combination you used. Thank you for the pattern.

  8. I spied your beautiful star blocks on Instagram. Love the contrast between the blues and yellows. What a great lineup of blocks!

  9. Fun star block! I love making stars, and this one is doubly nice!

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  11. How absolutely gorgeous!!! Thank you.:-)

  12. Your block is great; I especially like the version with four blocks and the additional square. Is there a pattern available?


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