December 11, 2020

Rahab and the Ram - Jesse Tree Blocks

I'm still picking away at the Jesse Tree blocks, designed by Jen at Faith and Fabric. There's no chance I'll have them all finished before Christmas this year, but maybe if I keep at it I'll have them finished before Christmas 2021. It's something to aim for anyway!

I have two more finished blocks to share today. This is the ram caught in the bush. I've always wondered how Isaac felt about that day, when his father was prepared to sacrifice him and God sent the ram to be the sacrifice instead. You know it had to have had an impact on the rest of his life, but it is never mentioned at all.
Jesse Tree QAL blocks |
Then I jumped ahead a bit and made the Rahab block. In the pattern Jen suggests using a few different greys to make the bricks more interesting. I had fun digging through my grey scraps - apparently I have a lot of different greys! Unfortunately, with my enthusiasm for using ALL the greys, I overwhelmed the block a little. I'm not sure it's really easy to figure out what the block is supposed to be. Ah well. That's definitely on me and my fabric choices, though, not a problem with Jen's design. Also, if anyone was cloud watching on this particular day, they would have seen an abundance of ladybug shaped clouds.
Jesse Tree QAL blocks |
I like Rahab's story because she's included in Jesus' genealogy, even though she wasn't an Israelite and she was a prostitute. Not the sort of woman you would normally expect, right? But God has a habit of using people we wouldn't expect 😊

If you want to make your own Jesse Tree blocks, you can get Jen's pattern here. She designed 25 great paper pieced blocks that tell our salvation story from Creation to the birth of Jesus. I now have 7 finished...only 18 more to go.

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  1. It's so nice that you've chosen to participate in a BOM with such a lovely story. I've always been impressed with Rahab, and admire that she's in Jesus's lineage. God can use anyone to His glory.


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