June 01, 2021

Me Made May 2021

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Have you heard of Me Made May? It's a challenge started by Zoe of "So, Zo, What Do You Know?" to encourage people who sew their own clothes to wear their handmade wardrobe through the month of May. Each person sets their own parameters for the challenge, whether that means wearing only me made items or wearing the one item you've made so far as often as you can. I didn't officially sign a pledge for Me Made May this year, but I decided to try wearing at least one handmade item every day for the month. It's the first year I actually had enough me made items to even consider it, and I'm pleased to say I succeeded 😊

May in Newfoundland isn't warm, so my Harper cardigans both got worn. You can see them here and here. My Lotte got a lot of wear, too. And just a little over a week ago I made a Skylar and I've pulled it on for a little while almost every day since. The weather is warming up, but the mornings and evenings are still cool enough to want an extra layer.
Dragon scale Skylar hoodie | DevotedQuilter.com
This dragon scale fabric just makes me happy. It seems to make my husband happy, too, as he keeps coming up with dragon jokes! I still have a bit of this fabric left and a few patterns that are perfect for colour blocking, so it will be fun to see where I use it again.

I made another Cachet shirt this month, too. That's the fifth Cachet I've made, three for me (you can see my other two in the posts linked above) and two for my mom. I wore all of mine quite a bit this month.

All of the above patterns are from Sinclair Patterns. I love their designs and I've bought several more that I haven't gotten around to making yet. There are never enough hours in the day, are there?

I also have a few Slim Fit Raglans and they got a lot of wear this month, too. They're fabulous for using up scraps of fabric, especially for the short sleeves. I finished an Essential Tank in May, too. Both of those patterns are from Patterns for Pirates. I need to work on finishing the bands on the neck and arms, to prevent the distortion of the straps. That's what pulls the outside edge in and exposes my bra strap. I know I want to make more of these tank tops for the summer. It's super comfortable and will be wonderful when the weather does finally warm up. I also like that the neckline is pretty, but modest, and it doesn't gape when I lean forward. 
Essential Tank | DevotedQuilter.com
Somedays I only wore me made for a little while, like when I wore a dress to church and then changed out of it when I came home. I did that with the Tessa dress and the Laundry Day Tee dress. I also made another knee length Summer Basics dress this month, which I got to wear to church on Sunday and it was warm enough I could wear it all day. Those patterns are from Love Notions.
Grey Summer Basics dress | DevotedQuilter.com
I really love wearing the clothes I've made! I want to try tackling pants again, but they're a fair bit more complicated to fit properly than tops and dresses are and I haven't worked up the nerve to try again after the less than successful attempt last summer. If I ever want to be able to wear all me made for the month of May, though, I'll have to either get a new job where wearing dresses is practical, move somewhere considerably warmer so i wouldn't freeze in my dresses, or learn how to make pants!

If you're a quilter and you think you'd never be able to sew clothes, I'm proof that you absolutely can! Check out my Quilters Can Learn to Sew Clothes post for all the reasons I know you can do it 😊

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