February 18, 2023

My 100 Day Project Plan

Have you ever taken part in The 100 Day Project? I haven't, though I've watched others participating on Instagram for a few years and always thought it would be fun. I didn't have a project that interested me enough to commit to working on it for 100 days, though, so I just stayed on the sidelines watching. This year is different because I have a plan!

I'm going to do 100 days of scrappy sewing and my only requirement is that I spend at least 15 minutes each day working on some form of scrap project. I have so many scrap quilts already started and so many more in my head that I want to get to that I could easily do a 1,000 day project of scrappy sewing and probably still never get through them all. I'll start with 100 days for now!
Scrappy Triangles | DevotedQuilter.com
One quadrant of a Scrappy Triangles block

This will be a lot like my WIPS-B-GONE challenge, since most of the things I'll work on have been hanging around for a while (years in some cases), but I'm not restricting myself only to old projects. In fact, I'm certain I'll be starting some during the project! Some of those new ideas are demanding attention, lol. They're also part of an exciting new thing I'm working on for later in the year, and making the quilts myself is the first step to being ready to share the new thing. It's a real hardship, as I'm sure you can appreciate 😊

Once I had my project figured out, my next thought was that I'd need to make myself a daily tracker. One of the things I learned doing WIPS-B-GONE is that it is oddly satisfying to see those coloured sections add up as the days go by. I chose hexagons for this tracker since my Hexie Rainbow quilt will make many appearances during the 100 days.
Hexie Rainbow detail | DevotedQuilter.com
Do you want a daily tracker for a 100 Day Project, whether you're joining the official one on IG or just doing your own thing? I created a version you can download, with space to fill in your own project's name at the bottom. Just enter your email address below and a link to download the tracker will be sent to your inbox.

Another thing I learned during WIPS-B-GONE is that just 15 minutes a day eventually adds up to finished projects. I was working on Illusion (on a deadline) during last year's challenge, so I had to find a way to work on my WIPS while also finishing Illusion on time. While I pieced Illusion, I used my Flying Together blocks as leaders and enders. Then each day I quilted Illusion, I started with 15-20 minutes quilting my Burst mini quilt and I was able to finish quilting the mini in only a few days. It's amazing how quickly things can get finished when I'm actually working on them! 
Flying Together quilt block | DevotedQuilter.com
Part of a Flying Together block. The pattern is available in my shop.
The 100 Day project officially starts on February 22, the same day as the Women of Wisdom QAL and devotional journey, so I know I'll be working on my QAL quilt as my primary project. By spending 15 minutes a day on my scrappy projects, I'll be able to get them moving forward, even when they're not my primary project.

Curious about the Women of Wisdom QAL and devotional journey? We'll be making a beautiful quilt while learning all about the wisdom of biblical women and I can't think of a better way to prepare to celebrate Easter! Learn all about it and register here.

With my daily tracker ready, I'm excited to dive into all of my scrappy projects over the next few months! 


  1. I've sent for the tracker. Now to decide which project(s) I'll be working on....

  2. Good fo you to be joining-in! I've watched others do this, and will likely continue to be a voyeur. Personally, I find that making such a commitment gives me more angst than enjoyment. Something about setting a goal/deadline for myself gives me the heebee-jeebees. Might be related to past work experiences, and now, being long-retired, setting a goal isn't appealing. When I make a commitment, I feel so obligated to "do the thing," and unable to release myself from the obligation, that it isn't fun. Still, I'll allow that this sort of thing works well for many people. I say, "Good on you!" Enjoy cutting and stitching your scrap projects for 15 minutes a day. I wish you much success!


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