March 12, 2020

Temperature Quilt Update

I've been able to (mostly) keep up with my temperature quilt so far. This is how it looks up to March 5th..
temperature quilt 2020 progress |
Near the end of February, we had our first days that were above 0℃, so I have now used 8 fabrics representing -15℃ to 5℃. I love the mix of blues, with some hints of purple.
temperature quilt 2020 progress | DevotedQuilter.comv
Since I'm caught up to March 5th and today is the 12th, I'm a few days behind. Those circles are all in progress, though, so it's all good!
temperature quilt 2020 progress |
I'm looking forward to moving through some new colours as the weather gradually moves towards spring. Of course, spring doesn't really arrive here until sometime in April or May, but the sun does feel noticeably stronger lately. I find I'm much more aware of changes in the temperature now that I'm recording it this way and adding a new fabric for the first time gives me a special joy. That's true even when it's the fabric for -15℃, the second coldest range I planned, which I used for Valentine's Day.

I plan to stitch the rows together by machine, but I've been procrastinating on that, mostly because I haven't wanted to pin all those intersections. I figure as long as I keep the strips in order, there's no hurry to join them. There's still plenty of 2020 left, even if it does seem to be flying by.


  1. I have definitely wondered if a project like this helps you feel a lot more connected to the weather. Fun that you are getting to add in some new fabrics now!

  2. I have found the same thing... I am much more interested in temperature changes now, and really love when I can add in some of my 'warmer' colors!

  3. Looking really good LeeAnna. Spring has arrived here :-) it’s lovely to see the grass starting to green up daffodils daylilies popping up and pussy willows earlier this week!


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