November 03, 2020

Ticker Tape Tree - Quilt Block Mania

 It's time for Quilt Block Mania again! This month the theme is Winter Celebrations, which seems appropriate since we've already had our first snowfall here in Newfoundland. It wasn't much, but as Zachary said to me, "The first snowfall means the second snowfall is coming...and then the third...and the fourth..." 😄 I'm the odd one out in my family since I really enjoy winter and I'm already looking forward to having enough snow to go snowshoeing.

For my block this month, I wanted to design a tree that could be used for Christmas, but that could also be used anytime you need a tree block. I've also been wanting to play with the ticker tape technique for a while, so I decided to combine the two. Here's my Ticker Tape Tree. In my quest to both not create more unfinished projects and to make more small quilts, I decided to finish my Ticker Tape Tree block into a mini quilt. Sound familiar? I did the same thing with my Starfish Dance block back in July.
Ticker Tape Tree quilt block |
The ticker tape technique was so much fun and it's a great way to use up small scraps. You know I'm all about using up those little bitty scraps! Once I had my tree pieced, it was time to start filling the shape with green scraps, which was like creating a scrappy puzzle. I started by cutting a few pieces and arranging them on the tree. I stuck with shapes with straight sides, so squares, rectangles and triangles and placed them so there was just a smidge of space between them. I cut everything freehand with my LDH scissors (which I love, btw).
Ticker Tape Tree quilt block |
Then I just kept filling in the gaps. You might notice in this picture that I took out the floral print. I found the pinks were distracting and liked the block better without them.
Ticker Tape Tree quilt block |
Finally, I had the tree shape filled. Some of those pieces are really tiny!
Ticker Tape Tree quilt block |
Once I was happy with the arrangement I used a washable glue stick to glue each piece to the background, one at a time. Then I left it to dry (aka, spent the afternoon getting groceries, doing chores, etc.).

The next step is to stitch around each shape, close to the edge. I decided to combine the edge stitching and the quilting into one step, rather than stitching around it twice. So, I grabbed a scrap of Warm and Natural batting (yay for using more scrap batting!) and a solid green for the backing, then basted my little mini quilt. I love how fast basting goes when it's only a 12" square! Then I used my free motion foot to stitch around each shape twice with Aurifil 2890.
Ticker Tape Tree quilt block |
Stitching so close to the edge does make the fabric fray a little, but I just trim off the larger threads and don't worry about the rest. I like the frayed edge look, anyway.

Once all the shapes were stitched down, I stitched just inside the tree shape, then switched to Aurifil 2311and stitched a small stipple in the background. Then I used 2360 to quilt a few straight lines in the tree trunk. I think it took longer to thread the machine with the new thread colour than it did to stitch the trunk!
Ticker Tape Tree quilt block |
Lastly, I echo stitched in the red border to create a frame, using 2260. Of course, that shows up much better on the back. I love how quilting looks on a solid backing fabric!
Ticker Tape Tree quilt block |
I had hoped to have my mini quilt completely finished in time for today's Quilt Block Mania reveal, but I ran out of time and didn't get the binding done. I plan to bind it in the same red I used for the border. I already know where I want to hang this mini for Christmas, so it definitely won't be joining the UFO pile 😊

Speaking of UFOs, Bobbie of Geeky Bobbin is hosting UFOvember, a month long blog hop/social media party to help motivate and inspire us to whittle down the UFO list. Let's get some projects across the finish line!

Edited to say, I finished my mini quilt!
Ticker Tape Tree quilt block |
Ticker Tape Tree quilt block |
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  1. I really like that you made a block that can be used to celebrate Christmas or used for a tree block on its own. Fun!

  2. OH, I love this! I have a baggie full of green scraps leftover from the RSC green month and they would make such a pretty ticker tape tree. This is a perfect afternoon project to play with...thank you!

  3. This is ADORABLE!! Leanne, I just love its simplicity. I downloaded the pattern and will start today - Squirrel! So dang cute!

  4. This is so cute! Great that it can be used beyond the holidays, too!

  5. This is such a nice use of small scraps and I love the way the tree looks decorated. Didn't know this technique had a name, but it is lovely.

  6. Thanks so much for sharing the pattern and your process for making this lovely little block Leanne. I always learn something new from your posts.

  7. Thank you for the great idea! Love the scraps and process...thank you!

  8. That's a great looking block, and a wonderful technique. Thanks for the thorough explanation of how to do it.

  9. It's really cute, Leanne! And I agree and disagree with you! I agree that it's always great to find ways to use small scraps. It's one of the reasons attended a virtual workshop to learn how to make a Siddi quilt. They're entirely hand-stitched using scraps. But I disagree about making small things. :-) Unless there's a home for the item, I don't want to make small. I've tried giving away my small quilts - really, they're wallhangings - and I've had a tough time finding takers. But big quilts... they go for. You've sure come up with a fun design, and no doubt can apply it to all sorts of shapes and items. I love my ticker-taped desk!

  10. Thank You for such a cute pattern, I have done applique before but not like this. Can't wait to try it!


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