July 18, 2022

2022 Mid-Year Review

The actual mid-point of the year snuck past while I was on a whirlwind trip to Nova Scotia with Nathan, but it's still the middle of the year, so I'm just going to go ahead 😊 Yvonne, of Quilting Jetgirl, is hosting her annual Mid-Year Check In, so you can write up a review of your own goals and share it there, if you're interested.

So, how am I doing with my goals this year? Let's have a look.
Noodles mini quilt | DevotedQuilter.com
The first Noodles mini quilt I made this year

1. Make more small quilts

I've been doing pretty well on this one! So far I've made a mini and a table runner with the Ticker Tape Heart block, a Noodles mini (shown above), a Shining Through quilt top, a Formal Garden baby quilt, another Noodles mini, and a super fun Tilted Flowers baby quilt top (it's a new free pattern!). There have been a couple of throw size quilts, too, but they don't fit with the goal, lol.

I'm also currently working on another baby quilt and have another one lined up to be done right after it, so it's safe to say I'm having fun making small quilts. I can even see a bit of space in the batting scraps box, so the plan is working!
Formal Garden baby quilt | DevotedQuilter.com
My Formal Garden baby quilt

2. Learn to sew pants

I haven't tackled this one yet. I have looked at a lot of patterns that would make good shorts, but I haven't convinced myself to make that first attempt. I do need shorts, though...

3. WIPS-B-GONE 2022

I have been doing a lot of thinking about this and I'm excited for it to happen in the fall. I am thinking that I might change the format a bit (60 days instead of 100, to avoid the craziness that is December), so if you have thoughts on that, I'd love to know what you think.
Shining Through quilt pattern | DevotedQuilter.com
Shining Through quilt top - one of many WIPS I will be working on during WIPS-B-GONE

4. The Add Grace QAL

For the second year in a row, I loved sharing 40 days of quilting and devotions leading up to Easter. Also for the second year, I made two quilts...but they're both only tops, not finished quilts. See, I need WIPS-B-GONE as much as anyone!
Add Grace quilt pattern | DevotedQuilter.com

5. More workshops

I love teaching workshops! I have had some guild workshops this year, plus I've hosted two open enrolment ones myself. I've had a blast teaching and sewing along with new friends in all of them. It's amazing to me that I can sew in my living room here in Newfoundland while quilters all over the world are in their own homes, sewing and learning right along with me.

I'd love to meet with your guild or group, so please reach out if you are interested. You can learn more about my workshops here.

It feels good to take a look back and see what I've accomplished so far and to remind myself what I still want to accomplish before the year is out (I'm looking at those pants patterns!). Thanks, Yvonne, for the reminder to check in!


  1. You've been doing great on your goals this year. I may try to join you for the WIP thing, if I am not too busy at work in the fall. I try to finish up projects as I go, but they accumulate.

  2. You've had a really wonderful year so far. I personally try to avoid lots of big deadlines in December, so I'm curious what you'll decide about running WIPS-B-GONE for 60 versus 100 days. I think both have a lot of good merit!

  3. It IS good to review your goals and accomplishments, and I'd say you've done well. I know what you mean about finding a shorts pattern... one with pockets and a good fit is difficult to identify. It's great that you're thinking to tackle your WIPs. Looks like a very worthy goal. I'm no help when it comes to 60-day or 100-day challenges. I don't work well with any sort of goal-setting, lists, or XX number of days to accomplish something. While I would, without a doubt, complete what I set out to do, I also would put so much pressure on myself to do it that I wouldn't FEEL good about it. I dislike obligations, and find I force myself through them, to the point of resenting them. So, I'm no help with making a suggestion for you. My mantra is more like "just do it." :-)

  4. I think you did pretty well so far. I love the two Add Grace quilt tops - must have missed them ... Also would love a new WIP's Be Gone challenge. I can sponsor a pattern if that is something you like/need. If any other participation would be helpful - let me know :) xo


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