September 09, 2022

Storm - a Free 12" Block Pattern

Hello and welcome to my stop on the Woodcut Blossoms blog hop, hosted by Heidi of The Whimsical Workshop! Today I'm excited to share Storm, my new free block pattern, made with three gorgeous fabrics from Heidi's signature line with Island Batik, Woodcut Blossoms. I adore those little flowers in the dark blue fabric!
Storm quilt block pattern |
You can get the pattern by entering your email address here.

I've named this one Storm because it reminds me of the graphic meteorologists use to represent a hurricane when they're reporting. It's not a perfect representation, since the graphic is rounded, but once I saw the resemblance I couldn't unsee it, especially with the small square in the center of the block looking like the eye of the hurricane.
Storm quilt block pattern |
Storm is paper pieced and with only a few seams in each section it's a great block if you're still not quite sure about paper piecing. I get it! Paper piecing can feel confusing, until it suddenly clicks and then you're good to go. 

I recommend the freezer paper method of paper piecing, which lets you keep the precision we love, while eliminating all the ripping out papers at the end. That was always the worst part of paper piecing for me and now I love that I never have to do it again! If you're not familiar with using freezer paper, I teach workshops about this game changing technique; sign up for The Bulletin to be notified about the next workshop.

After I finished piecing my Storm blocks into a top, I realized I meant to use two different fabrics for the corners, to create an hourglass block in the center when the blocks are put together. Seriously, sometimes I need to pay closer attention to what I'm doing! The pattern includes this option, so you can decide if you want a a plain square or an hourglass square, if you're making multiple blocks with the same fabrics like I did. And hopefully whichever one you make, you'll be doing it on purpose 😄

Storm quilt block pattern |

You might have noticed that my Storm mini quilt is still only a top. I fully intended to have it finished in time for today's post, but life had other plans and the top has been sitting and waiting for weeks now (we won't talk about how many other tops are keeping it company in the to-be-quilted pile). I do have a plan, though! The WIPS-B-GONE 2022 challenge starts on October 1st and this mini quilt is at the top of my mental list of projects to finish during the challenge. Do you have WIPS you'd like to turn into finishes before we roll in 2023? All of the details about this year's WIPS-B-GONE challenge will be coming out in a few days, but you can join the waitlist now to be sure you don't miss out.
Storm quilt block pattern |
I couldn't resist playing around with the Storm block in EQ8 and now I want to make this scrappy version, too. If you want to make a Storm quilt (scrappy or not!), get the pattern here.
Storm quilt block pattern |
There are 13 other designers sharing their blocks made with Woodcut Blossoms today. Just think of all the quilty fun you could have with these blocks!
Woodcut Blossoms quilt blocks |
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  1. I agree, that dark blue print is stunning. Fun design, Leanne, and I saw the connection to the hurricane symbol immediately, too!


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