September 16, 2022


Sign ups for WIPS-B-GONE 2022 are now open! I have plenty of WIPS poked in cupboards and boxes and on shelves, so I really need this time to focus on getting some things finished! I'm guessing you probably do, too 😊
WIPS-B-GONE 2022 challenge |
This year the challenge will start on October 1st and run until November 30th. Last year I found it really hectic trying to keep up with the challenge through December and I noticed that a lot of others seemed to feel the same way. So, in the interest of reducing stress whenever possible, I decided not to have the challenge running through the holidays at all. Instead, we'll have 61 days to see how many projects we can finish.

This is primarily an Instagram challenge; that's where the daily posting happens and where we can cheer each other on. I'll also be awarding prizes based on posts in the #wipsbgone2022 hashtag. However, that doesn't mean you can't do the challenge if you're not on IG! The printables can help keep you on track and the Monday Motivation emails will encourage you to stay the course even if you're not posting on social media.

Sign up for WIPS-B-GONE 2022 here!

Once again, any fiber-related project is eligible for the challenge, so dig out those quilting, knitting, garment, crochet and cross stitch projects and let's get them finished!

Yes, I did say there will be prizes again this year. I'm still working on them, so no details just yet. Rest assured, though, they will be fabulous! And, of course, we'll all be winning with those newly finished projects!

I'm also working on something extra special for the challenge that I'm really excited about 😊 I'll be posting about that soon, once everything is ready.

I hope you'll join me for WIPS-B-GONE 2022!

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  1. I loved getting to see everything that was completed last year and look forward to cheering everyone on with their finishes this year, too!


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