December 21, 2022

2023 Goal Planning

It's getting close to the end of December, which means it's time to check in on my 2022 goals and set some goals for 2023. It's also time for Yvonne's annual Planning Party, over at Quilting Jetgirl, so you can write a post about your own 2023 goals and share it, while also checking in with fellow quilters to see what they're planning for the new year 😊

First, let's see how I did with my 2022 goals.

1. Make more small quilts

As of my mid-year review in July, I had already made 6 small quilts, plus one small quilt top. Since then I've made another 7 small projects. They include this cushion, plus a mounted embroidered piece and some quilts. I haven't blogged all of them yet, but I'll get them up eventually! 
Scrappy HST cushion cover |

2. Learn to sew pants

I never did get to this one. I have looked at so many patterns, but haven't started anything.

3. WIPS-B-GONE 2022

Yes! I had so much fun hosting the slightly shorter version of the WIPS finishing challenge! I finished 6 projects during the 2 months of the challenge, including my Burst mini, and made progress on a few others, so I feel great about what I got accomplished 😊 A couple of those finishes are the small quilts I mentioned earlier that haven't been blogged yet, so stay tuned to get a look at them.
Burst mini quilt |

4. The Add Grace QAL

Having done it for two years now, I can honestly say my Easter QAL and devotional journey is one of the highlights of my year! I love getting to share daily devotions as we get ready to celebrate Easter and I love getting to make a new quilt together. Or, in my case, a new quilt top. One of these days I'll actually quilt the 4 tops I now have from those two Easter QALs!

5. More workshops

I don't know how many workshops I taught this year, but it was definitely more. I love getting to share the magic that is paper piecing with freezer paper or helping quilters conquer curves, not to mention getting to meet with quilters all over the world. The online quilting community is amazing and it's so much fun to get to connect with people who love quilting as much as I do. If you'd like to have me teach with your guild, you can send me contact information for the program coordinator, or send them to visit my teaching page.

6. Patterns

I didn't set goals for pattern releases, but I did release three in 2022: Points of Connection (shown below), Stand Out Starburst and Fifty-Fifty.
Points of Connection quilt pattern |

I didn't do everything I hoped, but I'm still very happy with how I did on my goals for 2022! So what do I hope to do in 2023?

1. Keep making small quilts

The scrap batting box is still pretty full, though I did manage to fit all the random bits that were on shelves into the box, so I've definitely made progress. I can still make a lot of small quilts before I'd be able to say it was getting low, though. And bonus, small quilts are fun to make!

2. Make new placemats

This fits into the first goal, but if I make it a separate goal, it's more likely to happen. I made our current denim log cabin placemats in February 2016. They're super soft from all the times they've been washed and have held up really well considering they've been used for almost 7 years. They're looking pretty grungy now, though, so it's time to replace them. I've been thinking about it for months, but haven't decided on a pattern yet. 

3. Learn to sew pants

It's going on the goals list again! I'm super intimidated by all the fitting considerations that will go into making pants, but I really want to conquer it. 

4. Release 4 new patterns

I have so many patterns I could release, so there are plenty to choose from. It's just a matter of taking the time to get it done. I'm going to aim for one new pattern in each quarter of the year. My Scrappy Playground is one of the ones I want to get ready for release.
Scrappy Playground quilt |
Picture by Kitty Wilkin for The Quilter's Planner

5. Women of Wisdom Easter QAL

Of course I'm doing another Easter QAL and devotional journey! The quilt is designed and I can't wait to get started on the test version of it 😊 This time the theme will be the wisdom we can learn from the women in the Bible and I'm looking forward to diving into their stories with you. If you want to be sure you don't miss it when registration opens in late January, you can join the waiting list here and registration info will be sent straight to your inbox. Here's a sneak peek at a small part of the quilt design.

6. WIPS-B-GONE 2023

There's no shortage of unfinished projects around here, even after two WIPS-B-GONE challenges, so I'm planning to host it again next year. Will you be joining me?

7. A secret project

I'm super excited about something new I have in the works. Right now I'm planning to have it ready to share by mid-late Spring, but that could change. Hopefully by the time I do the 2023 mid-year review, you'll know all about it 😊

I've also signed up for Yvonne's Diatom quilt along, which starts in January, and I plan to do more garment sewing throughout the year. As always, I don't expect to be bored in 2023!


  1. As a non-garment sewer, I'm pretty sure that pants would be one of the last things I'd want to sew until I'd figured out some simpler patterns. That said, my guess is that with your garment, sewing, and quilt pattern writing skills, you'll be able to do just fine once you find a pattern that you want to commit to trying. :) I think you did amazing with your goals for the year, and I look forward to watching what you accomplish in 2023. That secret project definitely has me intrigued!

  2. I'm terrified of pants so if you figure that out I think that'll be amazing. I know lots of people can do it and there must be a process, but it looks really tricky to me. That said - it would be so amazing to have pants that fit perfectly!
    You've got a great list here and I wish you all the best with it for 2023! Hope you have a wonderful year.

  3. Sounds like you did well on your goals and that the new list is varied and thus again fun. Looking forward to the next WIPSBGONE challenge. Even though I didn't finish anything it pushed me to contribute time to an older WIP. Thanks! All the best for 2023. xo

  4. Sounds like you have had a productive year, Leanne. I’ve enjoyed seeing posts on the WIPS be gone on instagram. I wish you the best in 2023.

  5. So many encouraging successes you had in 2022, Leanne! I look forward to seeing more of your quilts in 2023!!!


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