April 19, 2013

A New Thread Catcher...or three

Last night I was in the mood to finish something. Unfortunately, all my current projects are big quilts, and I'm nowhere near finished any of them. So I started something new. And finished it!

 I've been wanting a thread catcher, but not one of the ones that hang off the table from a weighted pin cushion. I really wanted it to be portable, so I could use it when I'm sewing my hexagons while we're driving. Last night I found this fabulous tutorial for a small, adorable thread catcher, so I went with that. The instructions were easy to follow and the whole thing was super quick. Just what I needed.

Now, I was looking at the triangular shape and thinking I needed three pairs of inner and outer triangles, so that's what I cut and sewed for the first couple of steps. THEN I reread the instructions and discovered I really only needed one pair...

So I kept going with my two extras and now I have three almost identical thread catchers (only the white buttons are different). I already have plans for those two bonus ones, so they certainly won't go to waste.

I'm linking up today to Sew at Home Mumm's TGIFF (Thank Goodness it's Finished Friday!).

Have a great weekend.


  1. Beautiful! Love the colors! Thanks for sharing the link! I bookmarked it!

  2. Those are really cute. Thanks for sharing the tutorial link.

  3. Great thread catchers. I love the design. I don't particularly like the ones that hang off the table. Thanks for the link!


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