April 17, 2013

WIP Wednesday - April Sugar Block Club and improving FMQ

I finally got around to stitching my April block from Amy Gibson's Sugar Block Club, and I love it.

After I sewed it and carried it up to where I'm storing all the blocks finished so far, I realized I had already used all three fabrics together in another of the blocks. I guess I really like that particular combination!

Last night I spent an hour working on the FMQ for my scrappy log cabin quilt. I was feeling a little frustrated because the spirals still seem jerky rather than smooth, plus I kept making my lines too close together, and sometimes even crossing each other. There's still some eyelashing too, but better than some blocks have been.
When I finished for the night, I spread it all out so I could look at the two blocks I finished. Then I noticed that the first spiral block I did was next to the ones I did last night.

My first spirals
Last night's spirals
So, I do see improvement, even if I'm not yet where I want to be. That made me feel better, as does reminding myself that this is a practice quilt. The whole reason I need a practice quilt is that I am still learning, so I shouldn't be so hard on myself!

I'm linking up at Freshly Pieced again today.


  1. I think your spirals look great!
    I love the Sugar Block.

  2. I love that block! One of the few paper pieced patterns I've attempted. Your quilting improved a lot!

  3. I also have difficulty doing this but its already beautiful.


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